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Cyber-Experts weigh in on Allegations that the Election might be Rigged

This year’s Election has been sitting under the sign of doubt. From many leaked emails of important political figures, including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, to Donald Trump’s accusations of a rigged Election. We saw everything. But we cannot help but wonder, what is the truth? Is there even the slightest chance that Trump is right? Have all those hacks been pointing to the biggest one yet?

Cyber-security experts weigh in

Dana Simberkoff, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer at AvePoint said that indeed, people are concerned about the security of the e-voting systems all around the country. Anonymity, accuracy and security are the most important factors people are worried about.

And doubts are even stronger because recently, news broke out that the voter registration databases have been compromised in Arizona and Illinois. This happened because of hacker attacks. Twenty other states in the United States have revealed that they too have been confronting breach attempts. The Department of Homeland Security encouraged election officials to do everything in their power to enhance security of the voting systems.

The Department of Homeland Security also offered to help those states that might need extra cyber-protection from attacks. Until now, 46 states are in need of help from hackers.

The Russian factor

America has been pointing the finger at Russia for quite some time now. American officials have repeatedly said that Russia is conducting cyber espionage attacks on their servers in order to corrupt the outcome of the Election. The U.S. also blamed Russian hackers for the Yahoo data breach, which was the biggest one to date.

Another reason for the easy access into the voting systems would be the very old voting machines. They are making the job easier for hackers who might want to intervene one way or another. But even if there will be such cyber-attacks on the databases, it is still unclear how much they would be affecting the outcome of the Election.

The Trump factor

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump went as far as to say that he might not accept the result of the Election if he loses it. The reason? He is convinced that it will be rigged. And his doubts have transferred into many people’s minds. The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement from last month that the probability for the Election to be rigged is very slim. According to them, a state-actor or anyone else who might want to intervene will have a very difficult mission. America’s decentralized election system is what’s keeping it safe. The only part where someone might be able to tamper with the results is in local areas. But even there, it is difficult to do so.

After all, it has never happened before, for all we know. But back then technology was not where it is now. So it is a two bladed knife. Pamela Smith, president of the group Verified Voting says that this decentralized voting system is not predisposed to tampering and to technical errors. The only thing we have to worry about is uncertainty, according to experts. And about the fact that many people might think their vote won’t matter so they won’t show up. And this is right. Your vote won’t matter IF you don’t show up. So go there on Tuesday and choose your destiny. Don’t let it choose you.

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