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Instagram to introduce their Shoppable-Photo Strategy

Instagram app showed n an iPhone display, held by a manInstagram want to introduce a new strategy in order to make it easier for its users to shop directly from their news feed. Companies will be able to tag various products in photos and the links will take customers to their product pages. Instagram’s idea might change the face of online shopping. Why? Because it will be much easier for users to buy something through a platform which they are using every day.

Time is precious

David Naumann, vice president of marketing at BRP says that this is the very definition of a social media website which add another feature for its users. The possibility to buy everything you like directly from it. It is all about convenience. Users want to be able to do many things on the go, with their smartphones. Time is limited, and it means money. And Instagram is planning to offer just this, time. According to him, even if many retailers have their own shopping apps, a user cannot download dozens of apps on his phone. With this new system, they will be able to buy from any retailer by using just one app, Instagram.

But the idea is not to make Instagram seem a catalog of products and completely change what the app really is about. Instagram will still be about photo sharing, but with a convenient twist to it.

The possibilities are endless

James Quarles, an Instagram vice president declared that there is so much that can be done and added to Instagram. It is a visual-oriented app, feature that can be used in many ways. They even thought about introducing a way for users to save certain photos, for inspirational reasons. Almost the same way you would do on Pinterest.

The interesting thing is that users have been shopping from Instagram for a long time. Not directly from the app, but they bought products which they saw in certain photos on it. Researches have proven that many users are often taking screenshots of things they love, and later buy them or use them for inspiration. So why not make this easier?

There might be a problem

But everything might not be as pink as it seems. The problem is that shopping has never worked well on social media. Facebook failed with their Facebook Credits and gifts for friends. Also, Twitter has been testing the Buy Button for a year. It did not have a good result and the chief of e-commerce left the project. Pinterest is one of the websites which seem to have understood the way this works. They allow users to buy things directly from their website, from many different retailers. Specialists still do not know for certain how popular this system is, but they have not abandoned it. So, it may work after all.

What Instagram needs to do is learn from the other app’s mistakes and not repeat them. They have the precedent, so they will have no excuse if the system will be a total fail. On the other hand, they must introduce it in such a way that it is not so obvious. That it will keep Instagram as it was, but with another option there. If they turn the app into a shopping one, their future will not be bright.

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