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Professional MacBook Users not pleased with Apple ‘s New Laptops

An Apple MacBook Pro opened on a wooden table, in silverA few days ago, Apple unveiled their new MacBook Pro laptops. Initially, the reactions to the release were positive. People were impressed with the design of the new laptops and with its features. But as they dug deeper and information settled in their minds, negative opinions began to arise. Now, more and more people have declared themselves disappointed with what Apple has brought to the table this time. Moreover, they are considering the prices for the MacBook Pros to be outlandish.

Sometime ago, it was easy to differentiate between a professional and a consumer line. Starting with their color schemes and ending with their features and components. Now, this is not really the case anymore

Many complaints

Many people said that they were planning to upgrade their older MacBooks but after seeing what these new ones are all about, they gave up on the idea. Users are not happy with the exaggerated price of a Pro MacBook, which only has 16GB RAM. Also, the fact that Apple chose to focus on design and its thinness instead of CPU or increased graphic performance. And many critics and specialists in the domain tend to agree with these complaints.

Apple not neglecting their other products

Many people believe that Apple is neglecting many of its other products. But developer Chuq Von Rospach declared that Apple should have been more careful. If the company had previously announced the updates they will release, for the rest of their products, much of this controversy could have been avoided. He thinks that one of those updates will target Apple’s new notebooks.

A less visible difference

These new MacBook Pros have made the line between pro and casual even thinner. And now Apple must struggle to please both categories. On one side there are the professionals, on the other the people who just want a new laptop to use in their living room. And this is exactly where the new laptops might stay for a while. In an era where the focus is put on light, small, portable devices, it is hard to imagine that the MacBook will be alive for much time from now on.

A shift in Apple ‘s strategy

This is why the professionals are complaining about the new Apple laptops. They no longer have their own niche or products and they will have to work with everyone else works. But what they need to understand is that Apple’s strategy has changed since their last MacBook release, four years ago.

All in all, it is somehow understandable that the professionals are not happy with Apple’s new release. But this is a time when, in order to be deemed as a professional, you will need to prove it with your own work. And the device you are using should not make you professional from the get go. It may be a semantics problem, but we will see how well will the MacBook Pro do with its customers. After that we will be able to see if their concerns were right.

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