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Uncharted 4 massive DLC to feature both Nathan and his Brother Sam

Reportedly, in December, Naughty Dog are going to show a preview of the long awaited single player DLC for Uncharted 4: A thief’s end. Rumor has it that it will be shown at the PlayStation Experience event on December 3.

Nate and Sam or Sully and Sam?

The interesting part is that nobody really knows what the new DLC will be focusing on. Weeks ago, since Naughty Dog said that they would be releasing an expansion for the highly successful game, fans have been wondering what it will be about. The majority of them expected its main focus to be Nathan’s brother Sam. Or his and Victor Sullivan’s first adventure together (they teamed up at the end of Uncharted 4).

But now there are rumors going around that the expansion will take players into another adventure alongside Nathan Drake himself. He will supposedly be accompanied by his brother. But some weeks ago, a rumor said that Naughty Dog was searching for plot ideas for a new Uncharted game. At the time this seemed weird, because they said that Nathan’s story is done. Now, it looks like they might have been searching for ideas for this DLC. According to various sources, the new expansion will be so big that people will be able to play it as a standalone game. Naughty Dog has done this before with The Last of Us, so it does not seem at all extreme.

Childhood memories revisited

The last game of the Uncharted series, called A Thief’s End, focused on the unknown childhood story of Nathan Drake. Until this installment, players had no idea that he had a brother. Moreover, one that has been doing the same thing as him, adventuring. In Uncharted 3 fans could see small parts of his childhood, especially the story of how he met Victor Sullivan, his friend and father-figure.

One interesting fact is that in the original script of the game, Sam was supposed to be the main villain. It is still unknown if he would have been Nate’s brother too. We suppose this would not have been the case.

Troy Baker shared his opinion

Troy Baker, the famous voice actor who also brought Sam to life in the game, said that he would absolutely love to see and experience Sam and Sully’s adventures in future games. As any fan, he said that after finishing the game, he was left wondering what Sam and Sully are going to do next.

Will Sam be the new leading man?

It is still unknown if fans will get to enjoy a totally new adventure or a childhood one, starring the two brothers. But if you have finished Uncharted 4, you will know that Nate decided to retire from treasure hunting. He settled down with Elena and their daughter. An interesting idea would be to test out how people will receive Sam as the central character. This might be Naughty Dog’s way of testing his popularity in the prospect of a new Uncharted game, with him as the leading character.

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