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Jolla interested in bringing Sailfish OS as custom Android ROM to increase market share

Jolla has the plan to release Sailfish OS as a custom Android ROM to gain market share for its mobile operating system, according to the Jolla’s CEO, Tomi Pienimäki speaking to a Finnish website – Talouselämä.


Earlier this year, Jolla announced that they will bring their smartphone in 2013 with Sailfish OS and the device has been released this month with €399 in Finland.

Although the Sailfish OS is an interesting one, but the truth is Android and iOS spread their wings all around the mobile market, even Windows Phone market share also quietly increasing.

For a question on releasing the custom ROM for Android devices, Jolla’s CEO, Tomi Pienimäki said,

”That is the plan. We are on device business and OS business. It is fairly easy to install the OS on Android devices”

So far, Sailfish OS has managed to install the Android applications onto the devices but the reviews of the OS and Jolla smartphone suggests that those apps are not working as expected, instead it keeps on crashing and lagging – but it works (only!). Tomi also said that the installation of the Sailfish OS on Android device is “fairly easy” and he has the plans to distribute the platform for free starting in China, where the custom ROMs are much popular than any part of the world.

However, the reviews of Sailfish OS on Jolla smartphone has got bad first impression, which gone as far as to call it as a “broken” OS.

As of now, Jolla aims at increasing the market share and in future to earn some revenue by means of services and advertisements on top of the OS.


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