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Peter Thiel defends his Support of Donald Trump

On Monday, Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel was invited to speak in a press conference at the National Press Club. Peter Thiel co-founded PayPal and is present on the Facebook board. It is truly bizarre that Thiel was invited into the house of journalists given his recent activity. He helped bankroll a lawsuit against Gawker Media. It led to its collapse and Thiel was to blame for it. Since then, the billionaire has become a kind of persona non-grata in the eyes of many journalists. But he still got invited to speak to them.

The Gawker Media scandal

When he was asked about his Gawker Media case, Thiel said that in his opinion, those people were not journalists. Even if he respects their work and think that journalism plays a very important role in the well-being of a country. Back then, Thiel helped famous wrestler and actor Hulk Hogan sue Gawker Media for publishing a sex tape of his. This came five years after the same site deemed Peter Thiel himself as being homosexual. According to him, it was payback. This was the main reason he helped the wrestler sue them.

But the interesting thing here is that he called Gawker Media a “singularly sociopathic bully”. That is weird to say the least. How can you call a website a “bully” then end up supporting a candidate which is known to impersonate this very concept?

People want change

Peter Thiel thinks that by choosing someone like Donald Trump to be president, many things will change. He talked about the Republican’s views on homosexuality, which are not friendly at all. Thiel also criticized the United States’ involvement in the overseas military conflicts.

Talking about Trump’s promise that he would ban Muslims from the country, Thiel said that the media should not always take Trump literally, but should take him seriously. Which the press does not really do. In his opinion, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is far too optimistic in what regards the war. This, he said, is the very definition of a bubble. When people focus on the good side and forget the reality.

Thiel defends his support of Trump

Thiel said that politicians, journalists and business people are choosing to ignore reality and to live inside their bubble. But him, along with other Donald Trump supporters chose this side of the battle because they do not live inside a bubble. According to him, they see what is wrong with the United States. By voting for Trump, they are acknowledging that something has gone wrong with this country and it needs to change.

All in all, it seems like mister Peter Thiel has still not learned that no matter how rich you are, not everything you have to say is worth listening to. And people do not need to listen to you if they don’t agree with your views. Money does not mean everything and by having money you cannot control people’s opinions. We know you would like to Mr. Thiel, but it is still impossible, thank God!

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