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Apple ‘s Iconic Startup Chime is Gone

Apple's McBook Pro 2016, seen from aboive on a desk, in silver and with black keryboardSince 1998, when the first Apple product was released, many things have changed. From design to key features, they have all come and went. But that little soothing chime which tells you that the computer is booting up has remained the same. Until now. With the release of their new MacBook Pro, the Apple team has decided to kill the famous, even iconic chime.

An interesting change

People noticed the change on a Frequently Asked Questions page for the new MacBook Pro. The page did not mention the sound at all. Later, its disappearance became obvious on a laptop, according to the website Pingie.com.

This specific sound has been present on all Macs since late 1990s. Apart from being soothing, its purpose was to make the user aware of the fact that their computer was working alright, and it did not have any technical issues. We still do not know if its removal will make it harder to notice any problems with the laptop. We guess that there might be some other way in which the MacBook Pro tells its user that something is not right.

A history of chime

Also, this change will put an end to those embarrassing moments when, in a quiet room, someone’s laptop is making loud noises which disturb everything going on. Especially because, with this new release, Apple programmed the laptop to turn on when they are opened (even when the laptop has been turned off). This might also be the main reason for which the chime has been removed. The laptops still boot when you open the lid, they just don’t make this sound anymore. The new MacBook Pros don’t have a power button. Also, they don’t come with USB ports, physical function keys or the glowing Apple logo.

Easier to use

The new laptops will open automatically if you also connect them to a power adaptor and the lid is pen, or if you connect it to an external display. Moreover, this proves that booting from scratch and waking from sleep are not very different things with the new MacBook Pros. The first one just takes a few more seconds to load.

The chime was not always like this. It changed over the years, and the resent one debuted with the iMac G3. In 2012, Apple even registered a trademark for the iconic sound. Nobody from Apple made any comment regarding the news.

The new MacBook Pro from Apple

The new MacBook Pro has been revealed at an Apple event last week. The basic, 13 inch version is already available to buy in many shops around the world. The Touch Bar version of the MacBook Pro will also become available in a month.

All in all, it seems like “change” is the new word of order at Apple. This new laptop has probably brought the most changes in a long time for the California company. But change is not always for the better. There are cases when a change is necessary in order to progress, but when a change does not actually “change” anything, it becomes a caprice.

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