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After Note 7 Catastrophe, Samsung focuses on the new Galaxy S8

It seems like Samsung got over the Galaxy Note 7 disaster and is now focusing on their next smartphone, the Galaxy S8. According to their vice chairman, the new S8 phone will have an improved camera and a better, slicker design. Also, he said that artificial intelligence will be a big part of the new phone. Interesting, to say the least. But what about batteries? Oh, wait. It is probably too soon.

Joke aside, it is indeed a good thing that they have found the strength to move on. It did not mean the end of Samsung, as many expected. And like a Phoenix bird, they are reborn and moving forward and developing new stuff. Good job Samsung!

Artificial Intelligence

Earlier this month, Samsung bought Viv Labs, which is the company that created Siri. So, it is somehow expected that they would improve this part of the device. We do not know if Viv’s technology will be included into the S8 or a future phone, but there is hope, that’s for certain.

The bad news is that the Galaxy S8 will be launched four months from now. And in the meantime, people might think that Samsung is dead and buried. So this is another reason for which they will have to come back stronger than ever and with an amazing phone. If they want to gain back trust and attention, that is. This means that during the Holiday shopping season, Samsung will only have their S7 phone for sale, which is already pretty old news. It came out in March. So they cannot possibly make amazing profit.

Costly recall, problem unsolved

The Note 7 recall has costed Samsung over $5 billion. And the problem is that they still do not have any idea why their devices were catching fire. They promised to reveal the exact cause right away, but no news until now. So we can suppose that they have still not discovered the issue. It may remain one of the greatest mysteries of the modern world. They may even appear in history books and movies will be made based on this story: “Galaxy Note 7 and the Mystery of the exploding battery”.

We are joking here, but all in all, things are pretty serious. Samsung still has the uncertainty of tomorrow. The Note 7 was supposed to cover the rest of the year for them. It did not happen, so now, Samsung is left with a big gap right when they did not need it. Around Christmas time when sales are booming.

People over at Samsung are insisting that even amid the Note 7 mess, their Galaxy S7 is the best-selling device ever. All right, but this does not mean that it will continue to be like this for the next four months, consistently. Finally, a look in the neighbor’s yard tells us that their phones are not selling amazingly well either. Apple is not doing as good as they thought they would. So maybe hope is not lost for Samsung. If they are persistent, wonders might happen. And wonders are happening every day.

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