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Emporio Armani launches their Connected Hybrid Smartwatch

Emporio Armani smartwatch collection, three models pictures in brown, black and silver, with leather armbandsWhat do people know Emporio Armani for? Their clothing lines. What are people going to know Emporio Armani for from now on? Their smartwatches. Ok, maybe not really, but the important thing is that they are making their entrance into the wearable industry. Their new line of smartwatches is called “Emporio Armani Connected”. And how even rich people want connected devices in their lives, Armani has fulfilled their wish. They have partnered with Fossil to bring these new devices to life in the best way possible.

Not the first fashion brand to do this

Armani are not the first ones to launch smartwatches, but they are one of the few. In September, Michael Kors has revealed its Android Wear smartwatches. Also, Hermès partnered with Apple to launch the Apple Watch Hermès collection. So, times are changing, and each industry is mingling with the other. This is not a particularly bad thing, on the contrary. This will mean more choices in the future for people who want to buy such devices.

Not the most technologically advanced watches

Emporio Armani’s smartwatches are nowhere near the more advanced ones already present on the market. But after all, this is no conventional watch, so it is understandable. It is more inclined towards people who want to be fashionable while wearing a smart wristwatch. But they still have the most used and needed capabilities of a smartwatch, so they are not useless. Not even close.

Many interesting features

All the smartwatches support Bluetooth connections, making it easier to synch and pair with other devices. For example, you can pair it with your smartphone, connect through Bluetooth and control the music you are listening to, through the smartwatch. Also, it can also be used as a wireless remote for the camera of your smartphone. It also comes with an analog display.

Apart from all of these features, the Armani smartwatches also include sleep pattern monitoring, alarms, location finder (so you can find your phone when you lost it), and vibration notifications, which show you when you have a notification on your smartphone. Again, it is all about synching.

Quartz batteries

According to Armani, the watches will have quartz batteries, not lithium-ion ones. What this means is that they will have longer running times than usual smartwatches. But the problem with quartz batteries is that their life span is shorter. Ok, you don’t have to charge them, but you will wake up one day and they will be dead. And you will not be able to recharge them when the juice runs out. So, they will have to keep replacing the batteries of their Armani smartwatch. But hey! It is Armani!

But these smartwatches are maybe the most fashionable ones right now. They will come in different colors (black, metal, rose gold) and will be sold in selected stores starting next week. Their starting price is going to be $250. Emporio Armani’s timing is curious because right now, the sales of smartwatches in general have been going down. But we guess that they want to be the ones to revive the trend.

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