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Google’s new Jamboard is the Future of Whiteboards

Google Jamboard in an office presentation, people looking and analyzing itRecently, it seems like Google is all business. They launched two smartphones, a virtual reality headset and a smart home hub. Now, they turned into the gift that keeps on giving. They just launched Jamboard. A new hardware product which is supposed to take the place of the old, boring whiteboard.

Google and The Jamboard

After a few good years of development, Google has finally found the right recipe for their new release. As Google put it, it is a workplace tool. According to G Suite’s Director of Product, Jonathan Rochelle, their intention was to make a collaborative tablet interface. It’s a 55-inch 4K touchscreen hub which Google created for work. Google also designed it to ease the collaboration between work colleagues. A Cloud Service accompanies it. The Jamboard will help users put their ideas together in an easier manner.

Testers say it works amazing

Google has been testing the Jamboard with many companies like Spotify and Netflix. They have tried it in their own offices and have come to a satisfying conclusion. Google said that the Jamboard is entirely built by their company. Users can draw or write on it and they can erase everything using their fingers. It is reportedly very responsive and highly intuitive.


The Jamboard has sixteen levels of pressure sensitive touch, along with some cute animations when you are performing various things, which make it seem more real. Google’s new release works on Android and it even includes Google Maps and a browser. One very interesting and useful feature is that you can turn it into a video display, thanks to Google Cast. It comes with speakers which many have said are not great. But if you need to make a teleconference at your workplace for example, you can also connect the Jamboard to Bluetooth, so you can use any speaker you want.

Moreover, it  possesses a technology which can turn your handwriting into text and your drawings into digital ones. It comes with a built-in camera and a microphone which people can use for teleconferences with the help of Hangouts. Google also allows users who are not present in the conference to make changes on the Jamboard’s display through their tablets, especially built for Android and iOS. Those in the same room with the Jamboard will see what that person is changing through its 4K display.

Only available in beta for now

For the time being, the Jamboard is only available for business customers on Google’s G Suite service, and in beta. It is expected to become available for everyone next year. Its design is sleek, its features great and its price pretty high. Specialists are expecting it to cost just a bit less than $6 000 at release. So, if a company want to make such a big investment and buy many Jamboards, they will have to pay a lot of money. Maybe tens of thousands of dollars. So this is not intended for small companies or businesses. But the prospect is good. We will see what the future will bring and if the Jamboard will replace the classic whiteboards.

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