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WhatsApp now supports Video Calling Feature

We all know by now that WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook. And it seems like it was the best move they could have made. Since then, WhatsApp has only gone from good to better. New features were added, new options in the messaging system and voice calling. Now, they are planning to introduce a new feature, maybe the best of them all. The video calling feature.

Video calls

It even looks like WhatsApp moved quickly. According to some users, the feature went live on the beta version of the popular messaging app. And it reportedly works amazing. An update is expected to be installed soon, in order to make the new feature available for every user out there. How can you make a video call? It is extremely simple. When you access the call button, now two options will appear on your screen. Either video call or voice call. Reports are saying that for now, only two people can participate in a video call. But a group video call option is expected to arrive soon. Also, a public chat feature, which WhatsApp has been working on for quite some time.

It is important to know that for now, the person you are calling must also be part of the Beta program of the app. Otherwise, the video call will not work.

Tests and results

Specialists have tested the beta version of WhatsApp and they noted that it works fine even with not such a good connection. They did this on Android. It is still unknown how the feature will work on iOS devices. But there are still some minor problems. Like issues with the sound or interface problems. But we should not be so pretentious, after all, this is just the beta version. It is very likely that the complete version of the app will solve all of these minor flaws.

WhatsApp’s popularity

There have been numerous rumors about this new feature but nobody knew exactly when it was going to go live. It seems like people over at WhatsApp took us by surprise. The WhatsApp messaging application is without a doubt the most popular such app in the world. It has more users that the iMessage app on iOS and its user base continues to grow day by day. It is quick, easy to use and it connects people from all over the world no matter what platform they are on. And this is an important fact. The only thing you need is Internet connection. And now, with this new live calling feature, you will be able to see the person you are talking to.

At the moment, it is still unknown when the complete version of the app will become available for absolutely everyone. But it is expected to happen soon. With updates like this one, WhatsApp’s popularity will most likely grow even more, taking users from other similar apps and making them its own. And if the feature will work swiftly, WhatsApp will remain the king of message communication via Internet.

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