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Nintendo Switch has been unveiled. What is it exactly?

Yesterday, Nintendo surprised everybody when they announced their new game console. After ten years of waiting, it seems like Nintendo wants back in the game. And they have come up with a very special kind of console. The Nintendo Switch is a “shapeshifter console”. It may sound bizarre, but it is exactly that. A gaming console which changes its shape. It will reportedly be released in March 2017.

What it is

The Nintendo Switch is a unique gaming hardware. It can be used at home, on your TV screen, or it can be taken out and used as a portable device. Also, the portable system is interestingly done, as it contains a screen, a kickstand and detachable controllers.

The new Nintendo Switch may come as a rescue boat for the Japanese company, which, in the recent years, has fallen a bit behind everyone else. Ten years ago, when the company released their Nintendo Wii console, the gaming world was forever changed. The motion based gameplay paired with simple yet very entertaining video games was each family reunion’s dream. But times have changed, and what was cool ten years ago, is no longer fashionable. So, for the past decade, we can all admit that Nintendo has struggled. Their later console, the Wii U, was not successful and was defeated by the other giants in gaming hardware, Sony and Microsoft.

Everyone agrees that the new intend Switch is indeed very practicable. But apart from that, will it come with something new? Will it make players turn their heads once again and come back to an old love? It may. Or it may not. It is still too early to say. But prospects are encouraging. Just the fact that Nintendo is putting something new on the market is encouraging enough.

A classic approach

In a world where every game developer wants to get to the next level (for example, the virtual reality craze), Nintendo is going back to the roots. No giant screens or virtual reality glasses. Just a little screen in your hand and the joy of playing simple yet entertaining games with your friends. And this is what the company has been all about. And now, they chose to stay faithful to their origin.

The trailer for the Nintendo Switch shows some fan favorite games like Mario or Skyrim being played on it. And it looks spectacular. It is clear the portable console technology is evolving, and Nintendo knows this very well.

Why now?

One might wonder why has Nintendo chosen this particular time for their release of Switch? The answer is unclear. Maybe they just waited for the market to change and come back to the roots. Or maybe they really needed those ten years to develop something spectacular. What do they have to get right with Nintendo Switch? They just need to keep it simple and qualitative. No sophisticated features, nothing. If they will manage to do this, lovers of the original console gaming will come back to them. And if they don’t… well, there’s always Pokemon Go, one if their smartest moves on the market.

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