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Twitter fired a VR Manager because of a 2013 Post on Homeless People

On October 18th, Twitter made the announcement that they hired Gregory Gopman. For those who do not know, he is the ex CEO of AngelHack. The post he was hired on by Twitter is that of Virtual Reality program manager. A few hours later, he was fired. How did this happen? It is kind of an interesting story.

A 2013 post

It was the website TechCrunch which played a big part on his downfall. After the news broke, they revealed a Facebook post from 2013 which was written by Gopman. In this post, he was wondering why San Francisco must be so full of homeless people, drug dealers and crazy ones. Also, he did not hesitate and called them “trash”. While we agree that this might be the case in some parts of the city, a guy like him, who is fairly known in the online world, should not have made these kinds of remarks. A guy like him should be the one to help them, not call them “trash”. He went even further and called them “degenerates” who spit and urinate everywhere like they own the city. Again, nobody is saying that he is entirely wrong, but he does not have the right attitude towards their problems.

 In that infamous post, he also said that people like them do not help society and are a “burden” for everyone else.

The aftermath

After this post was harshly criticized in 2013, Gopman choose to leave the city for a while. But now it seems like he has reinvented himself and want a seat at the big table. Too bad Twitter does not agree with this, or with his views. So, as a follow up of this reveal, Twitter fired him just a day after he was hired. This would be considered the right move from Twitter, if it wasn’t the wrong one.

Firstly, how could a company like Twitter not know beforehand about this situation? A simple Google search with his name and everything will be revealed. It is not like all those articles and opinions just disappeared since 2013. There are two solutions. Either they did know but hoped that nobody would remember Gopman’s rant about the homeless people or they did not know anything. And if the second case is true, there is a problem over there at Twitter.

Twitter about to be bought

All this situation happens amid the rumors which are placing Twitter at the center of a huge deal. The buyer? Among others, Disney. Now how could this situation affect the opinions of people over at Disney? We do not know. They might not care at all. Also, they might give up on any deal with Twitter. While we agree that this is just speculation and there is still nothing confirmed, those rumors are very rarely born from nothingness.

To conclude, we are not sure what this means for Twitter’s Virtual Reality department. Until now, they have not showed anything related to this so we are supposing that the project with Gregory Gopman was one for the future. In this case, we are sure that they will find someone else to help them. But has someone asked Disney about this?

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