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Samsung apologizes to Customers for Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

Samsung is not in a good place right now. First, numerous Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire and causing panic (and victims). Then, the company decided to recall the problematic device and give customers new ones. But things got ugly again, as those too were exploding one by one. So the issue persisted. Now, Samsung has decided to completely end the production of their Note 7 model. And the team behind them, along with chief Koh Dong-jin have publicly apologized for the inconvenience.

Loss of customers

It is normal for such a big company to want to keep their clients at any cost. Especially after such a mess. But they should start worrying because some studies have showed that some customers might change their favorite brand of smartphones. And this means big trouble for the South Korean giant. Samsung’s chief promises customers all around the world that this is going to be a singular incident and that something similar will never happen again. Also, he said that specialists are doing everything they can to discover the true nature of the problem. This way, he wants to make sure that customers are going to be safe when using their devices. Many newspapers wrote that it is precisely Koh Dong-jin who will most likely be held accountable for the mess created around the Note 7 devices. Apparently, he knows this too. This is why he acted in advance.

A chain of problems

But the fact that they completely cancelled the production of Note 7 might affect many other areas of their production. Starting with the many accessories for the model and ending with its innovative features like iris recognition or security. Even the electric cars are expected to be affected by this whole scandal. The virtual reality devices which were destined to work alongside Note 7 will most likely suffer too.

Also, the production of the new Galaxy S8 smartphone (which will be announced in November) might suffer because of its predecessor. And it is rational and normal that Samsung should be more careful with what they are putting inside a device from now on. Even if somehow they will get out of this unscathed, a second mess like this one might bury them forever.

Avid fans do not want to let go

But there are some very dedicated fans of the Galaxy Note 7 device which will not give up on it. These many faithful users seem to not want to replace their device with anything else. Someone has said that the Note 7 is the only smartphone he likes so he will not return it anytime soon. So there are people out there who are literally risking their lives for a smartphone. And there are many of them. They might have good intentions but it is possible that they will be the ones to bury Samsung. If another one of those catches fire and someone gets injured, Samsung will be in big trouble. Especially after they completely recalled all of the Note 7 phones. Different people have different tastes, but this particular one might prove to be dangerous.

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