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Amazon ‘s “Music Unlimited” service is here

On Wednesday, Amazon is launching their new subscription based music service. Amazon Music Unlimited can turn you normal and boring phone speaker into a jukebox full of music and life. Sound good right? The subscription starts at $3.99 per month. And you can have access to tens of millions of songs. The interesting thing is that the cost is almost half compared to the other music services like Apple Music or Spotify. But, as usual, there is something you must consider. The new music service can be used only on one Amazon Echo device: Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap.

Want more, pay more!

If you would like to use the Amazon Music Service on multiple devices, you will need to pay some extra bucks. $7.99 for an Amazon Prime member, $9.99 for a normal human being. It is not much, but you still need to spend money. The only problem is that nowadays everyone is used to the multitude of devices which can be used for a multitude of things. So an Echo-only service might sound a bit… dumb. Even if it is cheap. But we must admit that Amazon has specified the service’s use. They see it as an add-on for Echo owners.

Only an add-on

The director of Amazon Music intends to expand the paid music service industry with this move. They want to see if more people will buy it if it is tied with a specific device, in this case, the Echo. But Amazon has some aces up their sleeve and it is using some interesting systems which will come in handy for their users. For example, if someone wishes to listen to an Ariana Grande song, the system will calculate which song is doing the best in charts, correlated with the time it was released. This way, you will get to listen to an artist’s most famous songs, and not random ones which you may not have heard of.

The system can also play different genres of music for different moods. Songs from various eras or various artists can also be requested by the user. The music service has a very rich library so it is almost impossible to not find anything for your taste. Users can also type in lyrics and the system will help them find a specific song. The new Amazon Music Service is available for Android, iOS, Web, PC and Mac.

An offline mode

Like many other music services, the Amazon Music app can also be used when offline. But there is more. Amazon can make suggestions for you while you have no internet connection. This way, users can listen to new music without being online. It also includes a new interesting feature called “Side-by-Side”. This features commentary and analysis from the artists, together with their music. Many artists have already recorded their commentaries for the service.

All in all, Amazon has been adamant in what regards the direction of their new Music Service. It is an add-on which you can have access to via monthly subscription. Other than that, the only purpose of it is to offer people their favorite music anywhere, anytime.

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