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Samsung still doesn’t know why Note 7 is catching Fire

We now know that the Samsung galaxy Note 7 smartphones have caused more problems than ever. They were responsible for house fires, burns, plane delays and numerous investigations. A total chaos to be more precise. But while this mess was going on, the people over at Samsung had some problems of their own. They were unable to make a Note 7 catch fire. Ironic, isn’t it?

Samsung and the mystery of the flaming smartphone

Now, a month after the first incident was reported and after the company stopped the phone’s production, they still do not know the precise reason behind the explosions. Samsung has reportedly deployed many workers to study and find the exact cause of the problem. But it seems that they were unable to. Their phones would not catch fire. So being unable to replicate the problem, Samsung initially said that the problem was coming from the battery of the phone and deemed it a “minor production flaw”. But phones were continuing to catch fire. Fast forward a month later and the problem is not so minor anymore.

The replacements did not solve anything

In September, the company recalled the smartphones and sent in replacement models which they said did not have the same “manufacture flaw”. Those models had batteries from a different supplier. Guess what? They were soon starting to catch fire too. Does this sound to you like one of those nightmares that is repeating night after night? Because we imagine that is how Samsung is feeling right now. Cold sweat and everything. Joke aside, Samsung might be facing their biggest problem yet.

They’ve created a monster

Now that the company has completely stopped the production of Note 7 smartphones, they still cannot discover the exact source of all those “flaming” problems. An expert in batteries at the Korea Electronics Technology Institute studied the problem. His opinion is that they were too quick to blame the batteries. According to him, they were in perfect condition and fully optimized, so they could not have been the source of all evil. He thinks that the complexity of the phone makes the source of the problem unidentifiable. Why? Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be the one device to end the Apple domination. Or to shake them a bit. So in their desperation, Samsung put absolutely everything in there. The sole purpose was to be better than the iPhone. No matter the costs. It now seems like the have created an uncontrollable device that they themselves do not know well enough.

The full recall of the Note 7 phones is already severely affecting Samsung. Now, the company slashed their profit by a third. This comes after they announced that the withdrawal would not have a very big effect on their finances. But this was impossible. Everyone knew it. They knew it too. Investigators are still researching the cause of this whole exploding problem and they hope that an official answer will come soon. Until then, Samsung better pray that they will have any customers at all. Faith is earned. And when you lose it, it is hard to be regained.

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