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The Hinge Dating App suffered a Makeover and it’s now Different from any other App

The New York based dating app Hinge has changed. If you do not know what Hinge is, it is practically a dating app which puts you in contact with friends of friends. But they kept thinking of new ways to make people meet and like each other in a more romantic way (in a non-Tinder way). So the company came up with the idea to transform the “dating app” into a “relationship app”. After an entire year of hard work, they invented a new approach to online dating. No more endless pictures that you need to swipe left or right. No more automatically calculated matches. Just real love. At least this is what Hinge’s promotional video promises to users.

Relationship, not date

The company’s CEO and co-founder Justin McLeod explained that whole idea of the original app was to match a user with more and more people. But these kinds of people are not always there for the right reasons and may not always enjoy the experience. So, starting with 2015, the team behind Hinge started testing out new ideas. Nancy Jo Sales wrote in an article for Vanity Fair that the new generation does not know what is like to really fall in love and experience something amazing. With these new apps, you just swipe a picture and that is pretty much it. Let’s not talk about the fact that only the image counts on these apps. People no longer care what a person thinks or behaves like. So the hope of finding meaningful connections has severely diminished.

Months of planning

So, in the last months, the team completely rebuilt a new app from the ashes of the old one. So they went from a Tinder-style dating app to something a little bit different. The new and improved Hinge helps people find matches based on real interests and wishes. Not just someone random, but someone with whom you may have a real connection. So the app will no longer display just a few pictures, but each person’s profile will look like a timeline of their life. With pictures, events, meetings and meaningful things in their lives. So the whole idea behind the new Hinge is to allow users to take a more in depth look at someone they took an interest in.

In order to talk with someone, the user must only post a comment on a photo, or to like something on that person’s profile. If that someone thinks that your interaction is worthy, they can open a chat window. So you two are going to be connected from now on. But McLeod said that he really hopes that people will be careful and truthful with their interaction, and not post random comments or like random photos just to talk with someone. But this is something that, as a company, you cannot really control. It all depends on the user and his approach towards the Hinge app.

The new Hinge will cost $7 per month. It will also still use the user’s Facebook profile to create that personalized timeline.

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