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How will Microsoft’s new paint App will work on Windows 10

We all remember those internet free days when we would open our old computers just to… paint. Brings back memories right? Well, it seems like now, Microsoft is planning to redesign its famous app for Windows 10. An early version even went online and it is completely free. The whole idea behind the revamping of the famous app is that it will be touch and pen compatible.


The early version of the paint app is uncharacteristically quick. Most Windows app usually do not take the prizes for the quickest apps ever. The reworked version includes animations, and many of its features are very easy to access and use with your fingers. Only one minus. It does not support layering just yet. The official version is likely to include this feature. Let’s not forget the app that went online is an early alpha version. So changes might be done.

Another problem is that Microsoft has omitted to include some shortcuts to useful features. The idea is to make it as easy and accessible to use as possible. Some features are not in this category just yet. For example, Photoshop has numerous shortcuts and it does not seem that complicated to use for an average user. Also, support for multiple files which can be opened at the same time. This is also non-existent. In a way, Microsoft might just be aiming for the simplest creation or photo editing tool possible. If this is right, they are on the right track. But if this is not at all the company’s intention, we might have a problem.

Basic editing tools

Other than that, all of those super basic editing tools are there. You can crop photos, edit them, insert text or choose from a variety of brushes and pencils. But we already knew that. A new thing is the 2D and 3D pre included shapes which users can enjoy freely. Rumor has it that there will be a community feature included, which will let you use premade 3D objects. For now, this early version does not have it.

Furthermore, Microsoft has revealed a launch video for Paint, which showcases its 3D object support. It must be said that most of the objects from the alpha version are suffering from extreme pixilation. Other than that, the app looks good. It is very early (and it would be unfair) to start judging the app just from this free alpha version. It would be better to just wait for Microsoft to officially unveil it. There is a Windows 10 event coming up this month, so chances are that they will talk about the Paint app there.

All in all, it is indeed good to see that Microsoft is extending its borders towards the creative area. There is also their Surface hardware. They want to keep releasing new hardware which are going to be used as creative devices. And this is a very good idea. In a forever changing world, innovation is key to staying one step ahead. Microsoft is doing just that.

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