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Titanfall 2 to get the Angel City DLC for Free

The Angel City map is reportedly going to be available for Titanfall 2 multiplayer in December. Respawn Entertainment has also said that the map will be entirely free for those who are going to buy the sequel. Angel City is one of the most popular maps in the original game which was adored and played by many fans of the game.

Completely remastered

The Angel City map has been entirely redone. Keeping in mind the fact that it is one of the studio’s most beloved creations and the most popular among the players, the map has been reintroduced with the game’s sequel, Titanfall 2. The studio said in a blog post that they are eager to see people’s reactions. The Pilot and Titan gameplay introduced in the second game have also been transferred into the Angel City map, which is now remastered.

If you cannot wait until its December release, any preorder of the game can bring you the map three days earlier and also completely free. Buyers will also get the Nitro Scorch pack which includes a special war paint and a very special and unique callsign.

Post-launch maps and modes also free

Respawn Entertainment have also specified that they intend to make any post-launch maps and modes for Titanfall 2 completely free. They said that they have learned a thing or two from the release of the first game of the series. Their wish is to keep building a lively, sustained community of players. This way, they can all play together and enjoy the game. This initiative will make playing with many friend so much easier. They will no longer worry if some of them have specific maps or modes. They will all have them without a doubt.

Many other surprises

After the long awaited launch of Titanfall 2, the studio wants to offer the players the option to buy specific cosmetic items, as a DLC. They are not going to have any major impact on the game itself, but they will bring the experience to life even more. In the coming months, the studio promised to reveal some more details regarding maps, modes and many other bonus items, features and customization options.


As fans probably know, the first Titanfall game was special because it did not have a single player mode. Some criticized it for it, some found it revolutionary. Now, for the second game, the studio has introduced a campaign mode. Titanfall 2’s story revolved around Jack Cooper and his Titan, BT-7274. This Titan is special because it is the first one created by a resistance group, making him a new breed. The game explores the relationship between Jack and his Titan as it develops during the entire plot of the game. The studio reportedly drew inspiration from movies such Terminator 2 or The Black Stallion. But the interesting thing is that not only Jack will develop a relationship with BT. The players will also do it.

Titanfall 2 is going to see the light of day on October 28 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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