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Google’s Pixel Phone is finally here. The Ups and Downs

Google has finally launched their new Pixel Phones. After a long awaited release, people can now buy them, use and… complain about them. What a wonderful world we live in! But as with every new and improved thing, suddenly everybody transforms into a critic and shares their opinions on different matters. This looks to be one of them.

At the beginning of the year, there wasn’t much competition for Apple when it came to smartphone development. Samsung had Galaxy S6, Google had Nexus 6P and some other brands had some other phones (which they were throwing at a bunch of customers who were too uninterested to care).

The era of improvement

For a few years, Android phones have successfully beaten iPhones when it came to hardware innovation and new features. But there’s only one problem with Android phones. They do not belong to one single company. Are instead scattered across a variety of devices belonging to a variety of companies. The profit? Not as good as Apple’s, who only does one type of phone. Take the camera from one, the display from the other, the design of some other phone and there you have it. The perfect Android. In pieces. Across the floor.

Google comes in

Each year, people keep saying that the HTC phones might be the best in the world. Add some high-quality cameras and stock Android and that’s it! Right now, Google has done just that. Google Pixel is built by the very experienced team behind HTC. It has Google’s best Android system plus a high-quality camera. This sound promising without a doubt. Do we finally have the absolute best phone in existence? We might.

Except we don’t. Why not? Because Google has put up a presentation which was less polished than an old car. Secondly, let’s remember that Pixel’s look leaked out long before the phone’s official release. And Google knew about this. And did nothing to at least improve their presentation. We don’t mean fireworks and acrobats, but some more work put into it.

Google Assistant

We have to give this one to Apple. You might think that Apple releases almost identical looking phones every year. And that would be entirely true. But they actually know how to release them. And there’s the Google Assistant which will be included inside the Pixel. This might be the greatest opportunity for Google to push the Google Assistant down our throats. At the presentation, the assistant seemed to be the greatest reveal, not the phone itself. Which, if you ask me, is not all right.

All in all, HTC was considered one of the biggest competitors for Apple and Samsung. Until it wasn’t anymore and fell into abyss. Now, the revived HTC team came up with Google Pixel and shook our technological world. It is not perfect but everyone can say that it is indeed a highly advanced phone which, if handled right by the producers, can do wonders for the company. And the Google Assistant an also grow into a very popular thing if people are taught how to interact with it. It is all about care and attention to details. It’s not that hard, is it?

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