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Technology Giants team up to eliminate Worries about artificial intelligence

Some of the world’s biggest and most important technology companies teamed up. The purpose? To enlighten people in regard with the artificial intelligence development. The giants we are talking about are Facebook, Google (and its DeepMind subsidiary), Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. They are planning to develop a non-profit organization which will deal with the research of artificial intelligence (or AI). Apple is still in talks with them and will decide soon if they will join or not. The alliance will be known as The Partnership on AI.

The purpose

One of the group’s main focuses it will be the education of people around the world in regard with artificial intelligence. As technology becomes more and more present in our everyday life, they need to be informed about what artificial intelligence actually is. AI will eventually replace human workers and will drive automobiles, so people should be made aware of this. It may sound like a warning but it is actually not. Another purpose of this group is to ensure that every big technological company collaborates in the making of those AI controlled devices and machines.

Artificial Intelligence is actually beneficial

Those people who thought about creating this group are open-minded individuals who believe that AI will work in the benefit of people. They want to open the minds of everyone and make them embrace this new era of technology. To embrace the future. The artificial intelligence will most likely transform the world as we know it.

Government regulations might slow down the development of AI but it is impossible to stop it entirely. And they have no reason to do so. The artificial intelligence is beneficial for everyone. It will be of great help in many disciplines. The group is reportedly open to including government bodies or agencies into its system, in order to ensure a good collaboration. The creators think that the only way to make people be more understandable is through open speech.

The group strives towards an open discussion with the public. Not only this but they want to create a relationship based on trust and cooperation. Information and education are the base principles of this alliance. They also said that they are going to oppose any AI actions which will violate laws, promote dangerous technologies or put user privacy at risk.

Here to help

To conclude, the creators explicitly said that they are not a regulatory group. They also specified that they cannot know in what direction will AI development go or how people will receive it. They will just try to help the world adjust to these changes. The group is hoping to be an example for everyone else to follow. The group will be open about problems which may intervene in the development of artificial intelligence and they will step in if the situation asks for such a measure. Until then, people need to educate themselves about AI. To understand that it is not harmful at all and that it will be there to help them. This does not mean that time is right now. But eventually, that time will come. And people need to be prepared.

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