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Level of cybercrime is growing in 2016. Here’s what you must know

CybercrimeRecently, cybercrime has been reaching very high levels all around the world. Especially this year. But experts say that it may grow a lot more in the years to come. This is information provided by the Europol. The agency also warned people that some trends are growing larger with each passing day and that cyber offences are slowly taking the place of real life crimes in some EU countries. Cybercrime threatens the collective security. As people are more and more dependent on the Internet and technology, cybercrimes happen a lot easier and often, exploiting these needs. Human trafficking, terrorism and many other threats are all seen as cybercrime.

What you need to know

There are groups that offer crime as a service to other people who request it. It sounds terrible but it is unfortunately true. And many terrorist groups request the services of those people while they pay for them.

The top threats remain the Trojans and the Ransomware. Hackers designed malicious programs in order to steal people’s financial and personal information through their banking and payment systems. This trend is unlikely to disappear in the near future because it is still working.

Cyber-criminals are using personal data stolen from their victims for their own financial reasons. Sometimes it can get as far as requesting ransom or to commit even more complex crimes.

The malware attacks on ATMs are still going strong in many countries. They are even evolving and many organized groups are compromising sensitive data and steal money. This is called a payment fraud.

Then there’s the child abuse question. This trend is growing as well thanks to those social media platforms. The use of anonymous payment methods makes this trend easier to follow as many criminals are live streaming child abuse.

The Darknet continues to offer help to criminals by allowing them to buy or sell firearms or to exchange child abuse material. It is still fairly unknown if or how terrorist groups are using the Darknet but people are expecting its use will grow larger.

Virtual currencies like Bitcoin are still the number one choice when it comes to payment for cybercrime. These people are paying using this kind of money on the Darknet for services or products. Extortion payments also use this type of coin.

The authorities’ response

The authorities are doing everything they can to stop or slow down these trends. They are even improving their skills in the area. But this is very hard to do when many of these threats are encrypted or anonymous. The investigation and prosecution of those cybercriminals becomes almost impossible. But Steve Wilson, the head of the European Cybercrime Centre, thinks that there are also some good signs. For example, industry and law enforcement have been working closely together to stop these crimes. Technology is also evolving and specialists are creating more and more programs especially designed to put an end to cybercrime. In the meantime, what people can do is to keep safe in every way they can.

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