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Snapchat releases its Camera-Glasses called Spectacles

SpectaclesIt seems like Smart Glasses are slowly but surely becoming a thing. Even if they have some interesting features, most Smart Glasses look horrible and people would not want to wear them all the time. But Snapchat’s Spectacles might just be the next step.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced that they will be released this fall. Also Snap, Inc. which they defined as a camera company. The Spectacles are its first ever product. Snapchat, as we all know, is a social media app which lets you post pictures and videos in real time. Remember those cute filters? Also from Snapchat. The Spectacles reportedly have a camera in them, they can record videos and their price is reasonable.

What are they exactly?

Reports are saying that the Spectacles are practically sunglasses which have a camera inside them. You can record 10 second videos (just like on the app) and upload them on Snapchat via your phone. If you want to recharge them, just put them back in their case.

While everyone knows that this is nothing new, the Spectacles might make the concept actually usable. Pivothead and Google Glass made something similar some time ago but they weren’t at all impressive. The Spectacles are made to be worn as a pair of sunglasses. Nothing extravagant or weird. They actually look like something Elton John would wear, which is nice! They even have those circular LEDs which light up when you’re filming something. So you cannot be a stalker anymore. People might notice it. Previous Smart Glasses hid the camera so people would not notice it but this might just be a bit… against the law? So the Snapchat glasses are safe.

They cost $130 which is not very expensive at all. Even the Snapchat CEO called them a “toy”. There are pairs of absolutely normal glasses which cost more. You can go buy one of these and have fun over the weekend. Or during a holiday. It is your choice!

A fun gadget

They are able to shoot just 10 second videos, like the Snapchat app. So if you want to go record an entire concert these might not be the right choice. In order to snap, you’ll need to tap the frames of the glasses. They are also made to only fit one app: Snapchat. But it is understandable. It’s their gadget after all. And there’s nothing wrong with this. It is a great app so making the Spectacles connected to it it’s actually a good idea.

When it comes to the selfie nation, you might be disappointed. They are not made to shoot selfies. The Spectacles are a normal front-facing camera after all,  made for enjoying the view, not your face. Everyone should keep in mind that these are just a pair of glasses which can shoot videos. Nothing more. So if you are expecting those nice (but sometimes silly) filters, you might get disappointed again.

Bottom line is that if Snapchat manages to make the Spectacles not look weird or out of the place, they might just get a hit. And maybe, the Smart Glasses era is upon us. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

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