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Disney rumored to buy Twitter. Will it work?

TwitterThis is indeed an unlikely pair. An entertainment giant and a popular social platform. It is strange, but it may not be the strangest thing to ever happen. On Monday, Bloomberg reported that Disney is thinking about buying Twitter. They are joining a growing list of companies like Microsoft Corp. or Google Inc. This is indeed an old and long discussion. Many companies are reportedly interested in Twitter but Disney is special. Why? It is the only media company present on that list. Things are not impossible at all. Disney has the money and the possibility of creating a digital distribution channel.

An online presence

Nowadays people are starting to quit watching television and instead are focusing more on the online part. They are watching streams and movies on their laptops, so the idea that Disney might make a move is possible. They probably want an even bigger presence on the online environment, and Twitter might just help them out with this. Disney also owns television networks ABC and ESPN.

But there are some people who are still skeptic about this whole deal. Analyst Laura Martin thinks that this most probably won’t happen any time soon. Disney and Twitter were not available to comment on the situation.

Over the last years, Disney has expanded greatly. They bought Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm. They were worth $15.5 billion. So the money problem is out of the equation. This conferred Disney a lot of intellectual properties. From superhero action figures to Star Wars toys and lightsabers. They own it all.

There are questions

Of course not everything fits and there are some problems. Firstly, Twitter’s image doesn’t really fit with Disney’s image. The social platform is known to promote free speech. But there are people who post racist, homophobic or sexist content on Twitter. This does not really go well with Disney’s tight control over their content and attention to even the smallest details. Also, Twitter is known to be a way of communication for terrorist groups like ISIS. They use it to recruit people. That’s a no, no for Disney! So Twitter cannot really control who uses the platform. Disney doesn’t do this.

Then, if Twitter were to be owned by Disney, people would start thinking that it is somehow inclined towards Disney’s material. That it will promote the Disney brand and its properties. So Twitter would probably lose support from other entertainment companies.

All in all, it may be a risky move. But it may as well work amazingly well. Twitter has always been seen as a competitor for Facebook. It has 315 million users a month so this could help Disney greatly in reaching more audience. An expert said that a sale of Twitter to the entertainment giant might be possible, but a bit far-fetched. After all, it is all about profit. If it doesn’t bring profit it’s not really a good idea. We will have to wait and see what happens but something tells us that this is just a rumor. At least for now.

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