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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge catches Fire in Philippines

It looks like Galaxy Note 7 is not the only exploding Samsung phone. Oh no! Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the next one on the exploding list. But let’s start with the beginning.

When more and more people started experiencing the fiery temper (see what I did there?) of the Note 7 phone, the producers said that they would recall all the problematic devices. Apparently, the problem came from the phone’s battery which had some manufacturing problems from the get go. This led to explosions and fires in many countries around the world. They managed to fix the problem (kudos to them!) but now another one arises.

Et tu, Edge?

Let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone. Innovative, sleek, quality material, walking bomb, apparently! People started panicking when such a phone exploded in the Philippines. What was the cause of this malfunction? Unclear. The phone has been selling in stores for months and nothing like this happened.

Weng Briones took some photos of the exploded phone and posted them on Facebook to show everybody what danger they might be in. There weren’t problems because Briones returned it to a local Samsung Mobile Store and got a full refund. He even looked very impressed by the way Samsung reacted and handled the situation. He posted a message on Facebook telling everyone that he was safe and that Samsung helped him immediately. Which is nice, by the way!

Not the only case

But this is actually not a singular case at all. Last month, another person suffered seconds and third-degree burns because of another S7 Edge that caught on fire. It reportedly exploded in his shirt pocket and injured him pretty seriously. The man sued Samsung in New Jersey.

While we understand that all of these are pretty isolated incidents (not at all like the Note 7 mania), it just doesn’t seem right for your phone to catch fire and more, hurt you. Maybe the battery technology they’re using is just not right and should be looked into. Or maybe Samsung should somehow test the phones before releasing them to the public. All of the phones, mind you!

Not helpful at all

All in all, this weird situation is doing nothing for Samsung. Even the timing of these problems is not right. It happens right around the release of the new iPhone 7 which, most importantly, doesn’t explode! And this might hurt the company badly. When you are such a great manufacturer, the safety of your clients should be the top priority of your actions. And when people start feeling unsafe using your devices, we have a problem. Right when the South Korean giant was recovering from the Note 7 mess, this happens. Like a curse don’t you think? (I’m looking at you Apple!)

The bottom line is that, you, as a customer, should be careful what you’re buying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all saying “don’t buy Samsung phones anymore!”. I’m not in a position to say this. But when it comes to your life being put in danger, you should think twice.

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