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Snapcat, a feline selfie app hopes to compete with Snapchat

Snapcat ,an unaffiliated photo-sharing  application developed specifically for cat selfies might seem similar to the photo-messaging app Snapchat which projects itself to be worth more than $3 billion dollars.


According to Bloomberg News, Facebook had offered a hefty price for the Snapchat app in a move to get hold of the strong teenage base and the company rejected. Facebook doesn’t seem to be interested in owning feline users, though it would be a good move in acquiring the innovative app.

Snapcat uses an interesting red dot in its app to lure curious pet cats to touch the dot which also functions as a camera shutter button to click pictures. The pictures taken using the front camera would result in feline self portraits. The pictures can enhanced by using various filters like in Instagram and can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or EyeEm.

EyeEm developed by EyeEm Mobile is a photo sharing service that also is creator of Snapcat. Snapcat app was developed in 20 hours by four EyeEm employees and one from Capsule.fm, a Berlin company during a Hackathon held in June. Matias Castello, product manager of EyeEm was one of the developers of the app. Castello has also used his pet cat, Cali for the app’s promotion who is also the beta tester of Snapcat.

Ever since Snapcat was released in summer it had seen a series of updates for its improvement. With 10,000 downloads, Snapcat has found its biggest markets in the US, Japan and China, as reported on Google’s Play website. Snapchat has seen over 10 million downloads considerably higher compared to the feline selfie app.

“We would like to port the app to iPad next as we have received a lot of requests for it. Also we’re thinking of other living creatures that could potentially take photos of themselves by trying to catch something on a screen”, said Castello.

Now, you will see many these kinds of apps popping up all over app markets. You bet – its built in 20 hours. Download the original app in Google Play Store from this link. A question for our readers – can this app has the potential to get a notice by Snapchat for copyright infringement?


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