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Why Apple’s iPhone 7 wins the Battle against Samsung

You may call the year 2016 however you want. But when it comes to smartphones, it was at least interesting. Firstly, Samsung introduced the newest, sleekest and most improved smartphone ever. Then it had to recall some of them because they were… you know… exploding! We know that the Note 7 is back in stores but with the disaster it provoked (including injured people and burned down houses), it may not be what it once aspired to.

Then Apple woke up and released the new iPhone 7. The problem was that they did not supply enough models so it was a real Tomb Raider-style adventure to get your hands on the phone you wanted. This happened especially with the 7 Plus model. Things are on the right track now, but a black iPhone 7 is still as hard to find as a treasure buried on the bottom of the Dead Sea.

Why is the iPhone 7 better?

But the idea is that the newest iPhones are still somehow better than their opponents. Why you might ask? Well, will you be convinced if we told you that you will, most probably, not die because of them? For once, they don’t go Ka-Boom on you!

Secondly, let us rejoice the wonder that is the optical Zoom feature on the iPhone 7. The smartphone has a dual-camera setup which includes one wide-angle lens and a second telephoto lens. Sweet right? And this Optical zoom thing lets you zoom in without taking away absolutely any quality of the picture. Talking about quality.

Thirdly, the water resistance problem. While we agree that Samsung has done it long before Apple, the latter has done it better. That is, according to some thorough recent tests that involved some deep pools. This might almost (I said almost) make us forget the removal of the audio jack.

If you are yet not convinced

Then, the performance of the phones. The iPhone devices are far better than Samsung when it comes to smoothness. Even if the latest Samsung phones have made some serious progress in this matter, they are still not even remotely close to Apple. The iPhones have an amazingly well optimized iOS system which works wonders.

The stereo speakers are again something which Apple introduced. Their phones are the first ones to feature this technology. The sound is very much improved and when compared to Samsung, the latter does not stand a chance.

And last but not least, the software updates. Yes! Samsung is renowned for the fact that it lets their users wait as long as a few months before they can get a new system update. With Apple that is not the case. Their users will get the update as soon as they put it up. Almost instantly.

So, having this in mind, one might say that the writer of this article is biased. That is not the case at all. After all, we all have our own opinions and perceptions and we all know what works best for us. It is just like choosing a shirt. You take it if it fits you. If not, you leave it for other people who might enjoy it more.

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