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Google finally launches Allo, its Own Messaging App

Google long promised us that it would release a messaging app. Now is that time. Initially, both Allo and Duo (the video calling app) were supposed to get released at the same time. While Duo launched a few weeks ago, Allo just now saw the light of day, when it’s practically autumn.

Its website is now functional and it explains everyone the most important features of the new messaging app from Google. It is still not available everywhere in the world, but it promises that it will soon be. So no worries there! The same as Duo, Allo is available for both iOS and Android systems.

Say “ Allo !”

While Google has tried numerous modalities of creating a popular messaging app, not everything has worked in their best interest. Android phones come with only a classical messenger client, for SMS or MMS. Or Hangouts, but let’s not talk about it. Some of Google’s past efforts to put messaging into their area of business have included Wave, then Buzz, and Google+ (none of them have been successful or ambitious enough to compete with other such apps).

Allo is simple to use. You attach it to a phone number (the same works for Duo) and enjoy all the standard features of a good messaging app. Features which include numerous stickers, access to images or videos, adjustment of the font size etc.

The Smart Reply feature

But there is an interesting feature which might make Allo stand out of the bunch. Smart Reply learns how you usually respond to messages and does it for you. It lets you send texts or emojis based on how you would normally respond to a particular message. The smart thing is that, the more you use Allo, the more accurate its responses get.

The Google Assistant is another fun and interesting feature added. It is supposed to be the future of Google. You can ask Google at any times to search for a specific photo or song (or just about everything) by typing “@google”.

Allo also doesn’t encrypt messages by default. If you wish to have a private conversation, just activate the Incognito Mode. This will enable the encryption and establish for how long the messages will stick around before they get deleted.

Only for mobiles

Another important thing to know is that the new Google messaging app is mobile only. The PC or Mac client doesn’t exist, nor does the Web one. Interesting to have something made by Google that is so un-Google-like. But times have changed! Ok, we know that even WhatsApp is available for PC, Mac and web but this is not the end of the world for Allo. Maybe they will release those versions too in the near future.

All in all, we will have to see how the new messaging app will do with users. The minor problems are going to arise after a few weeks of using it. Let’s just hope it won’t have too many of those. If it doesn’t, things might get very interesting in the messaging world.

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