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League of Legends launches Board Game Spinoff

The extremely popular online strategy game League of Legends (played by more than 100 million people monthly) is releasing a board game spinoff. The game will be called Mechs vs. Minions. Behind it is the same team that also made the popular online video game, Riot Games. The new board game is supposed to combine the strategy elements from League of Legends with missions that are very story-driven. Many, many action figures will also be available for players and fans all around the world.

Mechs vs. Minions

Reportedly, the game will have available 10 different missions. Each one will take some time around 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The game is described as being very cooperative-oriented. The players will take the role of one of four League of Legends heroes (Corki, Tristana, Heimerdinger, and Ziggs). They are going to fight lots of evil minions, and are going to do so while being on board and piloting mechs.

The game box will reportedly include five game boards, four manually painted mech figures, around 100 miniature minions and many other useful and interesting elements like dices, cards, acrylic shards, and a power source miniature, among other things.

The development

The game’s development began almost three years ago. Riot Games reportedly created the entire game experience from scratch. They choose not to request the help of a board game developer to help them out. Associate producer Chris Cantrell defines everything as a “passion project”. There were times when Cantrell was the only one working on this board game. There was a relatively small team, with a total of 7 people involved in the creational process. Most of these people were also working on many other projects, so this board game was created more as a passion than as a full time project.

When asked about why they didn’t hire an experienced board game developer, Cantrell said that they wanted the fans to feel that they created every single piece of it. They wanted it to be an internal thing, to own the quality of the game they delivered to the fans. But he also admitted that, had they done that, the whole process would have taken less time. And it would have probably been the smarter way to go about it.

Not all is revealed

But one of the most interesting aspects of the Mechs vs. Minions game is the fact that the team did not reveal every aspect of their game. They are keeping secret many key features. Riot Games are saying that the board game will feature some elements that will become available as you play through the game. Some of those elements will come sealed, in order to keep the surprise for the player.

They are perfectly aware of the fact that all these secrets will probably become world-known facts once the game gets released. But Cantrell says that they are not worried. All in all, in order for a game to be good and for people to enjoy it, it needs to tell a story. League of Legends: Mechs vs. Minions does precisely that.

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