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Who Will buy Twitter? Here are Some Ideas!

This is a question that has been on everybody’s lips for a while now: what will happen to Twitter? The San Francisco-based social communications company is one of the most successful in the industry. It is not very big and it doesn’t have a huge technological impact but millions of people use it every day.

The app has always been compared to Yahoo when it comes to its future and lack of a definitive decision. This app’s social impact is undeniably huge. All the media is absolutely fascinated with it. Some even say that Twitter is more of a phenomenon than a company. This might be true after all.

Where to, Twitter?

So what is actually going to happen to Twitter? The company holds a $18 billion price tag. This means that the options for buyers are reduced. But let’s start with the beginning. The company had always declared that its hope is to remain independent. But Dorsey’s co-founder and director Evan Williams started an earthquake when he declared that they will consider the right options.

But the question remains: does anyone really want to buy it?


Of course! Google has the possibility and the name to do it. If they decide to actually do it, Twitter will become Google’s social media platform, along with YouTube. Google could benefit from its properties like Periscope and Vine which will offer them great benefit in front of other social media platforms. The question is, will they actually do it? Are they prepared for this?


Facebook has proved that they can handle a number of thing correctly. It can advertise, it is great with numbers and user growth. They own other three products that billions use. Now add Instagram into the equation. But what Twitter does best might be a problem for them: real-time news delivery. This could be a nice solution to its problems. Buy Twitter, fill in all the gaps and rule the social world! Fun fact: Facebook actually tried once to buy Twitter. For $500 million. Didn’t work out.


The thing here is that Twitter does not do anything for Microsoft. It doesn’t add anything. Quite frankly, Microsoft doesn’t need Twitter! This is more of an enterprise and while we agree that some social traction might be nice to have, it is not really necessary. Remember LinkedIn? It wasn’t very profitable but very expensive.


Twitter might help Apple with the real-time news thing. Plus live-streaming options and more social presence. Yes, Apple might be the one to do it. A problem might be advertisement. An option that Apple doesn’t really deal with. Not that it needs it, but Twitter might only make Apple a little bit cooler. That’s something isn’t it?

There might be some big companies able and willing to buy this famous app. But the question remains: what would they do with it? If you buy something just to break it apart and turn it into something totally different you might not buy it at all! For now, Twitter is cool by itself. But darker times may come, when this will not be enough anymore.

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