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iPhone 7: A Hard Decision to Make

Let’s admit it! When you look at them is difficult to tell the iPhone 7 apart from the iPhone 6 or 5. They look almost identical, they are the same size, even the colors match! But this changes immediately after you touch an iPhone 7. Finally, it’s something different! The camera is better, it’s water resistant, longer battery span and let’s not forget the double memory! But there is something else that renders the iPhone 7: A hard decision to make. The legendary, useful and always present audio jack it’s no longer there! Apple removed it and replaced it with an adapter. But let’s start with the beginning!

Double memory!

 Apple doubled the memory on every model at every price point. It starts with 32GB and it’s going all the way up to 256GB of memory (worth 969$). Memory extension is always a good thing and it’s nice to know that you’re not paying more just for the larger memory, those models have practically the same price.

The battery life is another hot topic. Apple said that they added 2 extra hours to the smaller model and only one to the bigger model.  This can be considered a subjective area because the battery span of a phone depends heavily on what you’re using that phone for.  It can be games, apps or music. There are people who only use the camera and make calls. This isn’t something you can really test and you cannot make it perfect.

Water resistance!

As we all know it, the new iPhone7 is indeed water resistant. This means that you can go for a swim or take a shower without having to worry about your phone. This is especially nice when you are the poor victim of a prank that involves water. And a pool. And some prankster friends. You get the idea (I will not mention the fact the Samsung has been making water resistant phones for years).  But if you drop your phone in water you need to keep one thing in mind: charge it only 5 hours after the unfortunate incident!


The iPhones already had one of the best cameras out there. Now they redesigned it, created a larger aperture for more light and a better flash. They say it even captures a wider variety of colors. But wait! There’s more! On the smaller iPhone, the camera has optical image stabilization (meaning no more shaky shots).

The more expensive iPhone is the proud owner of two cameras! A wide-angle version and a telephoto version. The zoom is an amazing improvement. With the touch of a button you get a crystal clear zoomed in image. No more grainy shots and bad quality!

iOS 10

The operating system is better and faster. Everything is more organized and easier to reach. All the main features are improved like the brighter screen and the stereo speakers.

No more Jacks! iPhone 7: A hard decision to make

The only dubious change that I personally do not understand is the removal of the audio jack. The thing is, the audio jack is not likely to disappear any time soon because everybody uses it! Why replace it? We get it, wireless is the future, but at least try and make up something that will actually be better than the old audio jack.  It comes with a free adapter that when used, makes it impossible for you to charge your phone.

But Apple promised to find a solution and they did. Next month The AirPods will make their grand entrance. They say that the pods will make Bluetooth connections steadier and Bluetooth audio better. They also allow you to charge your phone while using them. Talking about the iPhone 7: A hard decision to make! It is really a difficult decision.

In conclusion, the new iPhone is definitely better than its predecessors but not necessarily better than other already existent smartphones. As I said, all those traits make the iPhone 7: A hard decision to make. It is a nice phone. It is improved. But it is nothing revolutionary. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next big thing, somewhere in the future!

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