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8 Best Features of the New iOS Upgrade

The last iOS upgrade from Apple is full of interesting and useful new features. Those will probably reinvent your iPhone or iPad and are much needed. Here are 8 best features of the new iOS upgrade:

Raise to wake

This amazing new raise to wake feature uses the M9 co-processor in order to detect motion. This is why your lock screen turns on without you touching it. You only need to raise the phone and you can see the time, the date, calls or new notifications right away. If it’s not your cup of tea, this feature can always be turned off from the Settings menu.

Quick camera launch

Another one of the 8 best features of the new iOS upgrade is the quick camera launch. You only need to swipe left from your main page and you can take a picture in a second. This is even faster than before. Capture your favorite moments in the blink of an eye!

Sort photos

The new iOS 10 photo app looks through your camera roll and sorts your photos based on who appears in them, where were they taken or when. And this is not even the best part. It also has a search bar in order to help you find the right picture. Search the date, the place or the person and the right photos will be selected. You can put a name to a face by touching that person’s face then pressing Details, People and Add name.

Hide apps

You no longer need to worry about those annoying apps you never use. You can free your home screen by holding your finger on the app icon then hit X. They are now removable like any other normal app. You won’t get rid of them for good, but you won’t see them anymore until you download them again.

3D Touch Control Center

This may not be one of the best 8 features of the new iOS upgrade as it is still not complete. No, you still can’t customize the Control Center yet, but this will give you more shortcuts to choose from. You are now able to 3d-touch the icons at the bottom in order to pull up a list of options without having to exit the page. Or you can slide to access the music remote. Keep in mind that this works only if you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus!

Voice mail transcription

We all had numerous missed calls in our lives. But with this upgrade you can now read a transcription of the voice message you received. You don’t need to listen to it anymore! iOS 10 writes it down for you. There are a few problems as the transcription contains some mistakes and it’s only available in English at the moment. Let’s hope they’ll get this fixed!

Bilingual keyboard

This is a rescue boat for polyglots. When you know you’re going to type in more than one language, just install the keyboard languages in the Settings menu. Now, when you write in different languages, the Messages app will no longer make those horrendous autocorrect presumptions. Voila!

Links in messages

When you receive a link, this upgrade will let you preview the page without having to exit the messages app. If you’re sending or receiving a YouTube video, the whole player will appear in the chat bubble.

Those were the 8 best features of the new iOS upgrade in our opinion. They will make you life easier, and your phone better.

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