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Mercedes-Benz Plans to Revolutionize Delivery

Mercedes-Benz plans to revolutionize delivery. The automobile manufacturer is teaming up with Matternet and Starship Technologies to develop a new delivery concept. And since automation seems to be the new trend, guess what it’s all about.

Mercedes-Benz Plans to Revolutionize Delivery

Starship Technologies has just announced the partnership with Mercedes in a press release this Wednesday. Together, the companies plan to develop the so-called “Robovan”. This would be the first transportation system to integrate vans with delivery robots. The goal is to provide productive, well-planned delivery.

“The semi-autonomous transportation system will see Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans act as ’motherships’, hosting eight delivery robots. The vans will drive through neighborhoods, stopping in designated locations, based on delivery density and demand, to drop off and pick up robots to complete customer deliveries,” says Starship Technologies in a recent post on their website.

Also on September 7, Matternet announced its strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz.  Matternet is a developer of autonomous drone logistics systems that wants to create solutions for integrated deliveries. The company has revealed that Mercedes is making a multimillion dollar investment in the tech startup to change the way we experience delivery.

Matternet says that its drones will enable a more efficient, cost-effective delivery. This is Mercedes-Benz plans to revolutionize delivery by introducing delivery drones to its vehicles.

“Matternet developed the technology that is integrated into the roof of the van, allowing for precision landing and automatic payload and battery exchange. Matternet’s cloud technology is integrated with Mercedes-Benz’s van routing software, allowing end-to-end control of the supply chain,” says Matternet in a recent press release.

In its own statement, Mercedes says that “the vehicle merges a number of innovative technologies for last-mile delivery operations and thus sets the standard of performance requirements and solutions for future generations of vans”.

The state-of-the-art delivery van will feature an automated cargo space, Matternet drones for air deliveries, and top-of-the-line joystick control. The Vision Van will also be powered by an electric drive system, thus ensuring emission-free deliveries.

The numerous technologies contained in the Vision Van will calculate the ideal route for the deliverer, control order picking, transfer packages, and more. Meanwhile, the two drones that can support up to two kilograms, will provide autonomous delivery within a 10km radius.

Sounds good on paper, but we are still skeptical until we see it implemented on a larger scale. What do you think about the revolutionary delivery system?


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