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AMD Starts Shipping 7th-gen A-Series Processors for Desktops

AMD starts shipping 7th-gen A-Series processors for desktops, announced the company on Monday. The chip manufacturer has already sent off its A-series processors in HP and Lenovo PCs.  The new central processing units are based on the Bristol Ridge APUs.

AMD Starts Shipping 7th-gen A-Series Processors for Desktops

Bristol Ridge will top its Intel equivalent by as much as 99 percent. And compared with the Carrizo APU, the graphics are up 27 percent.

The central processing units are based on four Excavator cores, and they ensure high performance. The new designs also pack the AM4 platform. Systems that will be powered by the 7th-gen A-Series processors for desktops are said to be productive and energy efficient.

“The consumer release of these new HP and Lenovo designs is an important milestone for AMD on two fronts. First, it marks a major increase in productivity performance, streaming video and eSports gaming experiences sought after by today’s consumers (…) Second, because these new OEM designs also feature our new AM4 desktop platform, the motherboard ecosystem shows its readiness for our upcoming high-performance “Summit Ridge” desktop CPUs featuring “Zen” cores, which share the same platform,” says Kevin Lensing, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Client Computing at Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

The processors consist of 35-watt versions and 65-watt versions. The 65-watt processors can deliver a performance which was previously only possible with the 95-watt processors.

The processors also deliver enhanced graphics and video playback capabilities that allow for up to 4K Ultra HD. The devices will also sport the AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next graphics with support for Microsoft DirectX 12.

The 7th-gen A-Series APUs Capabilities:

  • It can stream advanced multimedia in Ultra HD.
  • It can take multiple tasks at the same time with AMP App Acceleration.
  • It offers high-quality videos thanks to the AMD Perfect Picture technologies.
  • 4K video quality even on a 1080p display.
  • The AMD FreeSync technology provides artifact-free performance at every framerate.
  • It brings reduced power consumption.
  • Packs the AMD Turbo Core technology.
  • The AMD Frame Rate Target Control is used to save power, decrease head, and reduce noise.

Keep an eye on AMD’s website for more information about recent and upcoming releases. You can learn more about the 7th-gen AMD A-Series APUs here.


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