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Bragi Rolls Out the Affordable The Headphone Earbuds

The Headphone earbuds are the latest product from Kickstarter-launched startup Bragi. The new earbuds are based on their predecessor, The Dash. However, although you may image there are more expensive, the new device is actually cheaper.

Bragi Rolls Out the Affordable The Headphone Earbuds

The audio gear manufacturer addresses to those individuals who own or plan on buying a smartphone without the standard 3.5mm jack. As you may already know, this is the case of the long-awaited iPhone 7.

“The Headphone marks the next chapter in Bragi’s vision of a world without wires. It signifies the company’s mission to inspire the future of sound and how we, as humans, interact with it,” reads a recent post on Bragi.

Making no use of wires, The Headphone connects to any device with Bluetooth.  Using the Versant advanced voice technology, users can take phone calls, while activating the Audio Transparency feature will allow for voice commands delivery. Individuals can also switch between songs, all the capabilities being possible without the need to look at the phone’s screen.

The earbuds have three FitTip sizes for a comfortable fit without prior adjustments. Bragi says that you can take your The Headphone earbuds out for a full day without the need to charge it. The earbuds can last for up to six hours on a single charge.

Bragi The Headphone Earbuds Specs:

  • AAC and SBC audio codec.
  • Bluetooth A2DP compatibility.
  • Frequency range: 20 – 20.000Hz.
  • Playtime: up to six hours.
  • Standby time: 250 hours.
  • Noise isolation: passive bilateral.

Those interested can find both The Dash and The Headphone earbuds at Bragi’s newly launched online shop. There’s a special presale price until November 1st. If you don’t like wasting time, you can get The Headphone at a special price of $119.

And that’s not all. Individuals who have contributed to the Bragi Dash on Kickstarter will be sent a $20 off coupon on the email address they provided.

Starting November 1st, The Headphone earbuds will be available for $149. All shipping will begin in November.

In other news, Bragi is also launching the Bragi OS 2.1. This is the second software update for the older earbuds – The Dash – since January this year. The upgraded OS can be downloaded from update.bragi.com. More information about Bragi’s latest releases can be found here.


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