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Firewatch Joins the Xbox One Family This September

Firewatch joins the Xbox One family after quite a wait. The adventure game developed by Campo Santo came out in February but it is currently only available for some gamers. While it has been made available for PC and Playstation 4 players, users of other consoles have yet to be provided with a solution. Xbox One gamers, your wait is coming to an end.

Firewatch Joins the Xbox One Family This September
Henry makes its way to Xbox One this month.

Firewatch joins the Xbox One family on September 21

“You’ve been inquiring and those inquiries were not falling on deaf ears. We’re thrilled to finally be sharing Firewatch with our friends in the Xbox community,” reads a recent blog post from Campo Santo.

The Xbox community has apparently created quite a fuss over the issue. But the team over at Campo Santo took note and they’re back with a new development. At the end of the month, Xbox users can begin playing Xbox One.

But there’s more. Along with the game, the company will also be shipping the Firewatch Audio Tour. This is a free update and will be available for all customers. Furthermore, Campo Santo will also be providing users with a free-roam mode.

Firewatch is a first person adventure game that was rolled out this year by Campo Santo. It’s the debut game for both Campo Santo and Panic. So far, it was published for Windows, Linux, OS X, and PlayStation 4. As of September 21, we’ll also be seeing it on Xbox One.

Only a month after it was released, the game managed to sell over 500,000 copies. It has also been met with positive reviews from game critics.

The action takes places in Wyoming, year 1989. Gamers take the identity of Henry, a forest fire lookout at the Shoshone National Forest. Players must explore the area to discover clues about strange occurrences surrounding his tower. Henry has a walkie-talkie to keep him connected to Delilah, his supervisor. Gamers have a variety of dialog options to talk to her that are unlocked as the players discover new objects. As they progress through the game, players can start moving into other areas as well.

Keep an eye on Firewatch’s website for more information on the game and future updates.


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