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HP Pavilion Wave, The Speaker-Like Desktop

The new HP Pavilion Wave is not your usual desktop computer. Looking more like a speaker than anything, it’s a desktop like you have never seen before. However, you get all the capabilities of a computer while also being able to better integrate it into your home. Let’s see what it’s all about.

HP Pavilion Wave, The Speaker-Like Desktop
Is it a speaker, is it a home accessory? No, it’s a desktop.

The speaker-like desktop can be easily fitted into small spaces because of its triangular form. The fact covered in woven fabric gives it the speaker aspect that makes it so unique. In the front, it has two jack, and in the back, we can find a strip of ports. Its large central speaker delivers a 360-degree audio experience for crisp sound. It can play music, movies, and web chats.

However, despite the fact that it can get quite loud, users will probably won’t give up their speakers for the Pavilion Wave. But you can fool anyone thinking it’s not a computer.

HP Pavilion Wave Specs

  • Up to 6th Generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processors.
  • Up to 2 TB HDD.
  • Up to 16GB of DDR4 system memory.
  • Optional dual-drive with 128 GB SSD5.
  • Optional AMD Radeon R9 M470 discrete graphics.
  • Up to 2 4K displays.
  • Three USB 3.0 ports and one USB 3.1 Type-C port.
  • One HDMI port.
  • Cortana support.
  • Windows 10 OS.

The unique speaker-like desktop PC will be available online on HP.com but also at other select retailers. Starting September 23, anyone interested in the product can order it for $549.99.

The Pavilion Wave is not the only computer recently launched by HP. The company has also introduced the HP Elite Slice. This is the first modular commercial desktop PC with wireless connectivity. It is ideal for office spaces because it creates environments that increase productivity.

The HP Elite Slice is only 6.5 x 1.38 x 6.5 inches in size and weighs 2.31 pounds. The cover and base expansion alternatives make it highly versatile. This way, customers can build the ideal desktop for their needs. The PC has a starting price of $699 and it should be out on the market sometime this month.

You can find more information on the new Pavilion Wave on HP’s website. Check out Window’s blog for more news on the two recently rolled out desktop PCs.


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