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Fitbit Charge 2, The Improved Charge We All Love

Fitbit Charge 2 is now on the market and says it has “more to love”. Fitbit is a leading company in the wearables industry. Two years have passed since the launching of its most popular wristband, the Charger HR. We’re now presented with a device that promises to bring a more engaging experience.

Fitbit Charge 2, The Improved Charge We All Love

The Charge is Fitbit’s best-selling device, offering compelling features at an affordable price. The sophisticated wearable design was introduced in 2014, and now the company is finally revealing its successor. But let’s see if the Charger 2 will share the same success as the Charger HD. Over the years, a number of competitors have been making a name for themselves in the wearable technology industry.

“Charge 2 brings an experience that is more engaging, motivating and personal to help you reach your goals,” says Fitbit in its press release. Let’s see some of the wristband’s impressive features.

Fitbit Charge 2 key features:

  • Connected GPS. The Charger 2 wristband links with the user’s smartphone’s GPS to provide precise real-time stats.
  • All-day activity tracking. The advanced sensors in the Charger 2 track the whole day’s activity and sleep.
  • SmartTrack records day-to-day activities and users also get Reminders to Move as a way to keep them motivated to stay active.
  • Interval workout mode. This mode enables users to maximize their workouts and keep focus.
  • Silent alarm. The wristband’s silent vibrating alarm will wake up users peacefully. A sleep schedule can also be created in the app.
  • Cardio Fitness Level. Users can track their heart rate and calorie burn thanks to the innovations from PurePulse.
  • Call and text alerts. Calls, texts, and calendar alerts are received directly on the wristband. This way, users won’t have to take out their phones and lose focus.
  • Sleek design. The display on the Charger 2 is four times larger than its predecessor, Charger HR. This allows users to stay connected with the notifications they need. Interchangeable bands are available for users to personalize their device to fit their style.

The Fitbit Charger 2 is available for presale on Fitbit.com  and other online retailers at the accessible price of $149.95. the fitness bands come in black, teal, or plum. Accessory bands in other colors are sold separately, costing $29.95. Leather bands are also available at a higher price – $69.95.


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