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Samsung CF791 and CFG70 – The New, Powerful Gaming Monitors

Samsung CF791 and CFG70 are two new additions to the gaming monitors family. The South Korean multinational company will officially introduce its latest additions at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) on September 1, which will take place at the Messe Berlin event center.

Samsung CF791 and CFG70 – The New, Powerful Gaming Monitors

“As part of the launch of its new monitors, Samsung will offer IFA 2016 attendees a first-hand opportunity to experience this redesigned, immersive arena through an interactive gaming zone. Samsung’s booth will include stations where visitors can sample several of today’s leading video game titles on the CFG70 and CF791 monitors,” says Samsung in a press release.

The two curved monitors bring stunning colors across a 125 percent sRGB spectrum. Furthermore, the displays go through meticulous factory calibration before being shipped. Samsung CF791 and CFG70 monitors are optimized for various settings to enable players to enjoy sharp images regardless of the game they play.

At the IFA 2016, Samsung has announced it will show how the quantum dot technology has been integrated into the new monitors. The technology is already included in Samsung’s UHD televisions. The quantum dot technology ensures that the display will bring out all the intricate details of the game to life.

The new Samsung CFG70 has a Super Arena design that aligns the 1800R curvature with a sound interactive LED panel for a unique gaming experience. This model is also the first curved gaming monitor to offer a 1 m/s moving-picture response time. Furthermore, a 144Hz refresh rate ensures a seamless presentation.

The CFG70 also includes the Gaming UX OSD interface. When competing with others, gamers have the option of accessing the on-screen dashboard to view all the key settings in a single glance. The gameplay setting can also be easily adjusted through the shortcut hot keys that are located on the monitor.

The unique Samsung CF791 is the most curved gaming monitor yet. It has a 1500R curvature design, a 100Hz refresh rate, and a 21:9 aspect ratio. It also features the AMD FreeSync technology that synchronizes the refresh rates with the player’s AMD graphics. Gamers can customize the alignment of the monitor to meet their personal ergonomic needs.

The CF791 will sell for $999 while the 24-inch CFG70 is priced at $399, and the 27-inch CFG70 will cost $499. Both monitors are expected to hit the stores in the next quarter of the year.


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