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DJI Rolls Out Osmo+ with a Zoom lens

DJI rolls out Osmo+, its new Osmo camera now with a zoom lens. It’s been less than a year since the company released Osmo. Now, DJI introduces its new stabilized handheld camera. The device comes with the same smooth result, but its zooming capabilities are most impressive – a 7x zoom for a better experience.

DJI Rolls Out Osmo+ with a Zoom lens

The Chinese tech company is one of the top players in the action camera market. Consequently, it must provide new products to keep itself high in the user’s preferences. Osmo Plus uses the same gimbal as the Inspire 1 quadcopter but in this case, it has been attached to a handgrip. Furthermore, the camera gets a 7x zoom that will help the users get closer to their subjects.

The impressive zoom is obtained through the 3.5 optics and 2x digital zoom. This allows for a 22-77mm focal length at the same high-definition quality users have been accustomed to. Thanks to the new lens, customers can now enjoy a greater control over the frame than before. But do bear in mind that digital lossless zoom can only be obtained when recording in 1080p.

Along with the added zoom, DJI rolls out Osmo+, with a Motion Timelapse feature. The camera will record timelapses effortlessly. By simply marking where the movement should start and end and tapping the Start button, users can create stunning timelapses without additional equipment.

As its predecessor, Osmo+ gets an advanced stabilization system that keeps the device flat. Whether filming or live streaming, the optimized camera ensures still captures even with motion.  The noisy fan is also out of the way, and additional sound accessories can be added.

The camera also shines in taking detailed panoramas. Detailed panoramas ca be taken using a smartphone and the Osmo Plus. The function will automatically capture and blend nine separate images to create just one remarkable picture.

Let’s see some of Osmo+’s Specs

  • 22-77mm zoom lens
  • 5× optical, 2× digital lossless zoom
  • 12-megapixels
  • 4K video
  • Silent recording
  • 3-axis stabilization
  • Motion timelapse support
  • 19-inch minimum focus distance

The new 7x zoom stabilized camera is priced at USD $649. The original Osmo now costs $569, which is a significantly cheaper option if you’re low on cash. However, only the improved Osmo allows you to take a closer look at your subjects.


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