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Pokemon Go is Going Downhill, Data Shows

Pokemon Go is going downhill according to recent data. Could it be that the excitement is over and users are starting to lose interest in the augmented reality game? The game has been released just a month ago, in July. Ever since the rollout, people all over the world have been hooked on Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is Going Downhill, Data Shows

According to a ComicBook report, Pokemon Go is experiencing a twenty percent drop since its peak in July. This indicates that the craze over the game might be over, and the players’ enthusiasm is starting to fade way. Quite too early, might we add.

It is estimated that the augmented reality game peaked at about 40 million weekly users on an average. This means users who have played Pokemon Go at least once a week. The game is averaging about 400,000 downloads each day. However, the two companies behind the product, Niantic and Nintendo, are still producing around $2 million per day in income in the United States alone. The user drop might not worry the two tech companies just yet.

If Niantic and Nintendo want to keep the user base from decreasing even more, new ways to engage the players should be researched. However, a new update is reportedly expected next week. Users might have some new exciting features in store for them.

Pokemon Go made its way into the hearts of pretty much every player out there in July 2016. The free-to-play AR game was developed by Niantic and Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. Pokemon Go is a location-based game. Using the device’s GPS, players can locate, capture, and train their Pokemon. The virtual creatures appear on the mobile device’s screen in the same real-life location as the gamer.

Ever since its debut, the game has been met with mixed reviews. Critics praise the concept and the promotion of physical activity. However, many players have been involved in accidents or have become a public nuisance due to the Pokemon Go. Many governments have actually expressed concerns over the security of the game.

Just because Pokemon Go is going downhill at the moment, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s old news just yet. Following the next week’s feature rollout, we might see an increase in the number of players.

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