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Comcast Launched GB Internet Service in Chicago

Comcast launched GB internet service in the Chicago area. The company has begun offering the gigabit internet this Wednesday. This follows Comcast’s other tests in the cities of Atlanta and Nashville, both trials having started earlier in 2016.

Comcast Launched GB Internet Service in Chicago
The service installation will run up to $50.

Comcast’s new high-speed internet service delivers up to 1GB per second (Gbps) and uses the DOCSIS 3.1 technology to deliver such impressive speeds over the network infrastructure. The service makes use of a special modem. No wiring is required, which makes it highly accessible to any home in the regions where Comcast has introduced the service.

“The investment Comcast is making in Gurnee and other locations in Chicago and its suburbs is in response to strong demand for its Comcast Business offerings.  It also aligns with efforts many communities are making to expand their local telecommunications and information technology infrastructure,” says the Comcast in a recent statement.

This makes Chicago the third market to have been provided with the modem-enabled gigabit internet service. Detroit and Miami will be the next to get the service.

Comcast launched GB internet service in the Chicago area for the not so affordable price of $139.95 per month. There are also promotional plans during the trial period. Last year, the company announced the Gigabit Pro service that enabled customers to receive 2Gbps speeds. The service costs a whopping $300 per month. Add the installation and the activation to the mix and charges can reach up to $1,000.

Over the last two decades, Comcast has invested around $300 each year in the network and the approximately 11,000 miles of fiber all across the Greater Chicago Region. The company has been wiring various areas in the region, including the city downtown and the neighborhoods. More projects will be announced this year, reports Comcast.

Residents of the Chicago area can sign up for the gigabit internet service provided by Comcast here. In addition to the required modem, the installation will run up to $50. The data caps apply to the GB service. If customers exceed the 1 terabyte data package, they will have to pay fees of up to $200/month.

As part of the trial, users are encouraged to provide feedback that will help ensure the best customer experience with the future rollouts.


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