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OZO VR Camera Gets a New Affordable Price

Nokia’s OZO VR camera’s price has been cut by 25 percent, said the company on Thursday. The camera will also be launched in China and orders will start shipping in October. The new price, says Nokia, reflects the quickly developing virtual reality market.

OZO VR Camera Gets a New Affordable Price

The telecoms network equipment multinational has reduced the camera with a whopping $15,000. However, users will still have to pay $45,000 to get the VR product. Nokia is planning to sell OZO with LeEco, an online video company.

OZO is a groundbreaking 3D 360-degree camera that not only delivers video but also does it with 360 audio. One of the biggest advantage users get is the ability to live preview the feed while on set. Still in its early stages, the software lacks advanced features. The ISO and the aperture are fixed, but the shutter speed can be tweaked.

Nokia’s OZO can record up to 4K resolution videos, an incredibly high video quality. The wireless camera was specially built for studios. The lenses are fixed, and cannot be switched out, and the battery life is only 45 minutes, delivered by the interchangeable cartridges.

For rendering, the VR camera sends the audio and video streams into just one file. The content can be published to any platform and it can also be viewed on head-mounted displays. Nokia works alongside many partners to ensure the camera’s compatibility with other tools. Some of the company’s demonstrations include HTC, Oculus, StarVR, and Samsung Gear.

Nokia first introduced OZO for the European and U.S. markets with a $60,000 price tag. Now, the Finish company is looking to expand into what it considered the world’s largest consumer market – China. However, the OZO VR camera is not what you would call a mass consumption product. Even with the 25 percent reduction, the camera is still an extremely expensive device. Along with a good VR camera, users will also have to purchase a good virtual reality headset, which is also a highly priced product.

Nokia may soon have new competitors. Facebook announced an open source design for a VR camera of its own – the “Surround 360”. Last year, GoPro also introduced a VR system using Google software. Other several tech companies are also investing big bucks in new VR camera products.

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