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Nikon D3400 – The Latest Entry-Level SLR

Nikon D3400 is the latest addition to the entry-level family from the Japanese manufacturer. The company announced their latest product on August 17. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Nikon D3400 – The Latest Entry-Level SLR
The D3400 body is paired with the Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens.

The D3400 is an DX-format DSLR that enables aspiring photographers to connect to a smart device. This means that whatever style of photography you may prefer (street, culinary, portraits, for example) you can easily share these captures to social media.

This is quite an interesting move, as we all encounter quality issues when shooting photographs with our phone – no matter how “smart” it may be – or a table, let’s say. Users wanting more pixels, sharpness and clarity in their images, while still being able to share the content on the spot, will benefit a great from this new SLR.

Nikon D3400 comes with built-in Bluetooth low energy functionality. This enables the camera to connect to a smart device (such as a smartphone) via SnapBridge app.

The pixel count is quite impressive – 24.2-million pixels. This, combined with the superior Nikkor lenses and the DX-format CMOS sensor, can only translate in an enhanced user experience. Photography enthusiasts can capture crystal-clear images and share them straight from their SLR camera with just a smart device and an app.

Just as its predecessor, the Nikon D3300, the new D3400 features a Guide Mode. What it does is bring distant subjects closer or freeze moving subjects. Images can then be edited in various ways. Nikon has also expanded the camera’s sensitivity. It can support ranges starting at ISO 100 and ending at an incredibly high figure – up to ISO 25600. Pair this up with the EXPEED 4 engine, and you get HD images and movies where the noise is almost unnoticeable even in low light conditions.

Nikon D3400 also ensures increased battery performance. The battery consumes little power and can capture up to 1,200 photographs with just charge. Furthermore, the battery performance is high enough to compensate for the extra power needed when connecting the camera to a smart device using the SnapBridge app.

The D3400 body is paired with the Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens that has an in-lens vibration reduction. The kit will go on sale in September and it is priced at $649.95.


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