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No More Hangouts on Air, Google Announces

No more Hangouts on Air, Google says. The live-streaming service is being replaced by YouTube Live. Hangouts on Air will be moved from Google+ on September 12.

No More Hangouts on Air, Google Announces
Hangouts on Air is old news. YouTube Live comes in to take its place.

Google has announced the recent move on the YouTube support page. The company warns users that, starting September 12, they will have to schedule their new Hangouts on Air using YouTube Live. All existing events that are scheduled to happen after that date will also have to be moved to YouTube Live.

The post features a guide to starting, scheduling, and controlling live streams after the change. Users have to go to YouTube’s Live Streaming Events and click New live event>Quick (using Hangouts on Air). The live stream has to be named, and then users can Go live now or schedule the event for later. To broadcast live, people have to use Hangouts.

To schedule events, YouTube Live as a built-in special feature that is similar to Google+. To access the Hangouts on Air content, Google+ has made the event content available in YouTube’s Activity Log in read-only format.

Because the Q&A feature is not available on YouTube Live, the company suggests broadcasters use Google Slides’ Q&A feature.

Hangouts on Air was created by Google in 2012 and huge names such as Barack Obama performed live broadcasts using the service. The marketing strategy worked quite well, the product having attracted many podcasters.

YouTube Live was added in 2013, and Google quickly teamed up the two services. But what the tech giant soon discovered is that YouTube was still a more natural option for live-streaming than Hangouts on Air. That’s why we’ll soon have no more Hangouts on Air, and we must welcome YouTube Live.

The recent move is yet another sign that Google is planning to leave behind Google+. Last year, the Photos feature was also pulled out of the interest-based social network. Google+ has also seen a “make-over” from the official social network status to a more community site. Users are also no longer required to log into their Google+ account to register for YouTube or Google Play Games.

What do you think about the recent switchover? Is YouTube Live the better option for live-streaming?

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