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Microsoft Buys Livestreaming Service Beam – Game Improvements on the Way

Microsoft has recently purchased livestreaming service Beam, that lets gamers influence and interact will the game streamed by another individual. The tech giant has excitingly announced the news on August 11.

Microsoft Buys Livestreaming Service Beam – Game Improvements on the Way

The Seattle-based company was launched in January and competed against well-known streaming services from YouTube and Twitch. It set itself apart through its unique gamification features and game integration that, as we can see, got the attention of tech leaders such as Microsoft.

“Bringing Beam, their award-winning team and their inventive technology into the Xbox family supports our ongoing commitment to make Xbox Live more social and fun,” says Chad Gibson, Partner Group Program Manager at Xbox Live.

Microsoft exemplifies the benefits of Stream by referring to Minecraft. When playing it, users don’t just watch a streamer play, but they also get to play along with whomever they want. Streamers can be given challenges and make choices in actual time with basic visual controls. The livestreaming service Beam is developed to work with any game, and players can easily enable and customize the interactivity.

“This acquisition will help gamers enjoy the games they want, with the people they want, and on the devices they want,” further adds Gibson.

Beam can also support team-based streaming. Microsoft has already started advertising its unreleased Xbox and PC game called Sea of Thieves. The new game is created for teams of gamers that have to manage parallel objectives such as piloting or repairing pirate ships.

People who are now using YouTube Gaming or Twitch might not be so excited about the new deal, but Beam has an advantage. The livestreaming service has ultra-low latency. The functionality is partially due to the fact that Beam is built out of HTML5.

According to Matt Salsamendi, Co-Founder and CEO at Beam, he will continue to lead the team, now a part of Microsoft’s Team Xbox. New members will be added to the team in order to grow the platform.

Salsamendi assures Beam users that nothing will change for them. The service will continue to focus on providing gaming tools that allow for the most interactive broadcasts. Just as it did before, Beam will continue to offer broadcasts covering all gaming platforms. New features and game integrations are on the way, as well as a big influx of new streamers.


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