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Facebook News Feed Gets Tweaked Once More – More Informative News

Facebook News Feed is ever-changing, it seems. The team has now tweaked the News Feed to make the content “more personally informative”, as the team states. Let’s see what it means.

Facebook News Feed Gets Tweaked Once More – More Informative News

Facebook has gone about making yet another change to help users discover stories that are relevant to them. To better understand how to do so, the company designed a Feed Quality Program. With the help of this tool, Facebook manages to survey thousands of people worldwide each day.

Individuals are asked to rate their experience, an information that is then processed by Facebook. The company has come to find out that the stories that are rated highly are those that made the users feel more informed about what’s happening around them. The news individuals rate as informative help the Facebook make new predictions, thus resulting in a better user experience.

This is way, starting August 11, Facebook will do a better job in showing its users news that are more relevant and informative. To do so, the social networking giant has created a new ranking signal that will better predict what is most informative to each and every single individual. These are the stories that will appear higher in the News Feed.

Facebook will combine the signal with the relevancy of the story. It will also take into account certain aspects such as the relationship with the friend or the publisher that posted the story or what the user chooses to click on, comment or share. Informative stories will be adapted for each user and “will likely change over time”.

“When we rank and make improvements to News Feed, we rely on a set of core values. These values — which we’ve been using for years — guide our thinking and help us keep the central experience of News Feed intact as it evolves,” say Jie Xu, Akos Lada, and Vibhi Kant, Facebook News Feed specialists.

As for the possible impact they might have on a user’s page, Facebook anticipates that most pages will not see major changes. Some Pages, however, may experience a small increase or a minor decrease in referral traffic.

You can read more about the Facebook News Feed change here. Any thoughts on the matter?


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