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Waze Events Program Will Help Drivers Beat Traffic

Waze Events program is a new tool that will help drivers outsmart high traffic caused by events taking place in a certain area. The program was announced August 11 on the company’s blog.

Waze Events Program Will Help Drivers Beat Traffic

Waze Global Event Partner Program, as it’s officially named, aims to help Waze’s +50 million monthly users beat traffic. The community-based traffic and navigation application will enable partners to have access to traffic management technology in exchange for their real-time traffic information.

The program already welcomed twenty inaugural partners from North America, South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The list includes E15 and their five sports team partners (Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins, Washington Nationals) and Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series with its thirty worldwide events that last even for three days. As more organizers team up with Waze, we should see a major improvement in the way traffic is managed during major events.

“More than 65 million monthly active Wazers worldwide provide critical insights about real-time conditions through the app, and we believe that we should give back to this community of drivers whenever we can,” says Waze.

Waze Events program will help everyone from partners to attendees. Partners will benefit from the tool by learning how to optimize traffic so that attendees get into the venues or events quicker. One way to do so would be to use the roads and parking lots near the events.

As for the frustrated attendees who every so often get stuck in the bustling traffic on the game day, they will get better information about road closures and traffic delays. The real-time communication will be provided by Waze’s partners.

All in all, the partners’ traffic information will help Waze improve their map and routes, and help its users navigate better.

Waze’s Global Event Partner Program is free to all organizers, regardless of size and scale. However, partners must help users find the fastest routes around the road closures and the traffic, monitor the traffic using Waze Live Map, and take all the necessary actions designed to help drivers beat traffic.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the program and to become a partner can visit Waze’s Event Partners web page. Wazers can see what events are coming up in their area on the Events web page.

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