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Logitech Brings Out the Pop Home Switch

Logitech’s new Pop Home Switch is the smart button for our home that we’ve always been looking for. Smart homes are complex and it can be hard to go around all the different apps, toggles, and voice commands. Not anymore. Logitech as put its effort into designing a programmable button that will control any smart home in a far easier way.

Logitech Brings Out the Pop Home Switch

The Pop Home Switch can be used by the whole family, meaning that even kids can perform various tasks without downloading and learning an app. With the new smart home button, a single or a few presses is all it takes. Each switch can be programmed with up to three commands.

Each switch uses the wireless technology, and it is also powered by batteries. This way, Pop can be used and placed anywhere. The three switches can be mounted on the wall (it can be plugged into a standard wall outlet), kept by a nightstand, or simply carried around the house.

With Pop Home Switch, users can turn on the lights in any way they wish. Pop is compatible with a broad range of products such as lighting, blinds, and door locks from companies like Phillips Hue, LIFX, and INSTEON. The products can be mixed and matched to fit the specific needs – reading, partying, watching movies, or anything else.

A number of three actions can be triggered by each switch. With a single press, users can turn off the lights or shut the blinds. Double-pressing the button will turn on Sonos, and customers can lock their door or turn on the lights.

Throwing a party? People can program Pop to play Sonos stations and playlists. Then, lightning can be added to the mix for a fun atmosphere and a late night of having fun at home. Creating Recipe combinations triggers multiple smart devices. For example, users can set smart locks and lights before calling it a day.

The Pop Home Switch is available for pre-order on Logitech’s website. The starter pack contains the base station and two switches, costing $99. Extra smart home switches are priced at $39 per piece. The devices should begin shipping out in just a few weeks, according to Logitech. Pop will also be made available on retailer websites such as Best Buy and Amazon.

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