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Lyft Upgrade: Adding an Extra Stop to Your Route

Lyft’s most recent upgrade comes to fix a major issue that all ridesharing apps have. Up until now, we weren’t able to request more than one stop using the application. Soon enough, users may be able to tap in more destinations into their app as opposed to speaking with their driver.

Lyft now wants its users to gain the ability to add an extra stop anytime, whether it’s to grab a coffee or pick up a friend. The ridesharing service says that it will ensure “a seamless experience for you and your driver”.

Lyft Upgrade Adding an Extra Stop to Your Route

Thanks to the new feature, that should come soon enough, people now have the option of informing the driver of their plans before being picked up. This would, indeed, be useful for the driver to gain knowledge of the client’s needs. However, verbally communicating the plans does not seem too difficult either, does it?

The multi-stop feature will still work with the existing one of splitting the ride’s cost with a friend or more. This way, the costs of taking a ride home will be reduced greatly.

Those who want to take advantage of the multiple stops feature will have to request a Lyft, Plus or Premium car, just as usual. After entering the pickup location, users must then enter the final destination or the first stop along the way. To add another stop, the user must tap the plus sign icon located on the right side of the screen.

If somewhere along the route, users have decided they need to make an unexpected stop, they can open the app and add it on the spot. The application will then update to include all locations. Just as easy, those who changed their minds about making other stops can simply remove the other locations from the app. With a simple tap on the address, customers have the option of selecting “Remove Stop”.

The new feature is said to shorten the time between rides, increase earnings, and also decrease the time spent explaining to the driver what are the passenger’s plans. Needless to say, users will pay more for the feature, as Lyft determines the final price upon the route’s time and distance.

Lyft is one step ahead of the game, as Uber currently does not have a multi-stop feature.


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